Day 348, Forecast was for early light showers..

It was damp and misty this morning when I got up. After all the rain yesterday afternoon and night, I did not have to water the garden this morning. The weather forecast at 8 am this morning called for slight chance of showers in the morning followed by clearing in the afternoon. Maybe they ment tomorrow afternoon. It rained, not really hard, but it was wet all day. And the rain continues into the night. I did not got to lacrosse tonight due to the weather. It was probably playable weather, I mean it’s not cold, just I figured that attendance would be down. I do not like to drive an hour to play and be only one of a handful of people that show up.

The power went out today in the neighborhood. DS2 texted me from the house to say that he reset the switches on the breaker panel and still the power was out. I asked him of just one room was out or the entire house. He said the entire house was out. I looked on the Atlantic City Electric website and saw that the part of the development where we live was listed as “power out to 1326 customers”  They also listed an approximate time for power to be restored. They had the power on within 45 minutes of DS2 texting me. I sent him a screen shot of the area so he could see what was on the electric companies website.

Work for me was the usual scheme. Busy in the morning, looking for work in the afternoon. My DW had a full day as well. DS1 had to be at work for 6 am this morning. He came home around 8 pm. DS2 was off. DS3 worked at the bark and biscuit. The job this year seems like a job. Last year he had fun stories about the dogs to tell most days. These days he is ho-hum about work. I told him this was motivation to get an education.


Sermon warning..

If you were to feel that someone has been inconsiderate to you, how do you figure out if the problem is you? Not the other person, hypothetically, of course. Maybe the world does NOT revolve around me.  Rats.  There are no issues here at home (that I know of),  just I am perplexed by some people’s action/non-actions. In my world, I feel that someone has been inconsiderate to me if I were in their shoes, I would have handled a personal interaction/lack of, differently. Maybe I was raised with different standards?  I guess we just have to accept people that we meet, the good with the bad.    Try and raise your children to think of others when possible. 

Sermon over..

Tonight’s pictures are defined by their captions.  I hope you enjoy them!