Day 347, Rain and rum..

Two words that cover this evening. Unfortunately, the rum is gone and the rain continues.  Such is life.

Work was busy in the morning and slow in the afternoon.  My DW had a reasonable day. The total hell that was predicted was less than feared. She did get popped on the head by the door the scope washer. She saw a few stars, but is fine now.  DS1 worked a full day. He came in the door, told us a few stories from his weekend and then went to the gym. His weekend sounds like the outtakes from the movie The Hangover. Thankfully everyone was ok after the crazy time he and his college friends had.

DS2 is working now. He is working the 4 to 11 shift tonight. That is a first for him this season. DS3 worked a short day. He invited a friend over for dinner tonight.  I bought an album from Amazon today and loaded it onto something they call their Cloud Drive. I can play the album on my DW’s Kindle Fire, my cell phone, my computer in the house, really any computer. The first 5 gigs of storage are free. Music you purchase from Amazon does not count towards your 5 gig limit. I already have a Drop Box account for file sharing and backup purposes.

Among the silly things that I did today was to get up early and water the garden. I probably could have stayed in bed another 20 minutes this morning.  I won’t be driving DS3 to work tomorrow since his work is scheduled to start at 10 am. He will have to get his brother to drive him. Oh DS2, hint, hint.

Tonight’s picture is from December 2004. Here I am with my plate of Stone Crab claws. DS2 and I flew on a cheap flight from Atlantic City to Tampa to visit my cousin who was living there. We had a great weekend.  Oh, I still have that shirt and in that picture my hair was not so grey. See what 8 years of children in high school and college  will do to you!  Enjoy!


I still have that shirt!