Day 346, Disaster avoided..

Maybe disaster is too strong a word. This morning I was the second one in the shower.  The water was not warm. No matter how far I turned the dial, the water only grew colder. I shortened my time to hopefully allow one or both of the children that had not yet showered a chance for some hot water.  DS3 was next.  His shower was shorter than mine. Needless to say, DS2 had a cold shower this morning. When asked about it, “sucks” was the answer.

I went into the cellar where the hot water heater resides.  It was not running.  I reset the water heater. The gas would burn for a few seconds and stop. Then light and stop again. That is a bad sign.  I went upstairs and found the phone number of the company that we have a repair contract with.  They promised to be out sometime in the next 12 hours.  So, I worked from home today.  The repair guy showed up 2 hours later and was done in 10 minutes. Some sensor got dirty so the water heater would not stay lit.  Cost today, nothing. The visit was fully covered. Yea!

Even though I worked at home, or maybe despite the fact that I worked from home, I was busy.  I was talking care of a scheduled project at 9 am when the company president im’d me to” remind me” of a 9:30 am scheduled training session he had scheduled for me.  The only problem was that he never told me that he had scheduled work for me.  Hmmm. Well, I told him, I will be done by 10 am so they will just have to wait.  It all worked out in the end.  The training will probably be done in bits and pieces for the next two weeks. I’m afraid of completely overwhelming the customer.

My DW worked a full day. Tomorrow will probably be a hell day for her. The two doctors that were on vacation are back and ready to go. DS1, not sure. I expect that he will be home when we get back from lacrosse tonight.  DS2 was off today.  He went to visit his grandmother for lunch.  She always spoils them when they stop by for lunch. DS3 worked late today. He missed lacrosse tonight. I played, nothing of interest to report (other than not getting hurt).

Tonight’s pictures is of my DW taken in April 2008. She and I were in Erie, PA for a college lacrosse game. We had lunch at a restaurant on the lake (Lake Erie) near where this picture was taken. Enjoy!


LAX mom by the lake