Day 345, A crab in every pot..

 Today was crab day here in New Jersey. I did not go crabbing in the sense of getting in a boat, I went crabbing at my local fish market. In the sink you will six #1 male crabs and the Old Bay that I used to season them.  This style of cooking and eating crabs could be refered to as “Maryland Style”.  The crabs were steamed in beer and Old Bay.  After cooking, more Old Bay or Baltimore Spice if you prefer, can be added to the cooked crabs. Then as you clean and pick the crab meat, the crab seasoning gets on your hands, the crab meat and in your mouth. I have had crabs where they are cooked with a black pepper seasoning.  They were ok, not my style.  (Click on the pictures!)

On the right is the finished product, ready to eat. I should have taken a picture after the crabs were all picked and eaten.  That can be quite the mess.  I washed the crabs down with a few Coors Lite beers and enjoyed my lunch immensely.  For diner we had a surf and turf paella.  This week the Shop Rite has beef tenderloin on sale. As I trimmed ours up to make filet mignon steaks, I took the odd sized pieces and set them aside.  Usually these pieces wind up in a stew. I added fresh local sea scallops to the meal. The recipe can be found here , I substituted the beef for the sausage and scallops for the shrimp. The rest pretty much went as the recipe was written.  The meal turned out good.  We (DS3 and I) added some Frank’s Hot Sauce to ours.

DS1 is back in Philadelphia tonight. He will return home tomorrow after work. His friend lives closer to his work than we do, so it makes sense for him to spend the night in Philadelphia.  DS2 worked in the deli today. It was not that busy. He was not interested in the dinner that I made. Lucky for him, chicken nuggets are on sale at the Shop Rite this week. That is what he had for dinner.  DS3 was off. He went for a mile run this morning before breakfast. He and I threw the lacrosse ball around this afternoon. We were running around on the grass field with our bare feet and I stepped on some kind of bee. That pretty much ended my afternoon. There was not too much swelling, but it hurt quite a bit.

Tonight’s last picture is of the field where we played lacrosse this afternoon. Enjoy!