Day 344, What makes your skin crawl..

Maybe crawl is the wrong word.  Here is the event that made my skin crawl today. I spent some of the morning outside. I cut the grass, ran the weed whacker, blew the pine needles off the deck, fed the garden, tied up the tomatoes and watered the garden.  All these chores needed to be done.  I enjoy doing some work outside since I have a desk job. If I worked outside for a living, I certainly would not be interested in working in the yard on the weekend.  After working in the yard, I took my shower for the day. I am a daily shower kind of guy. (Not a bad thing to be, I might add)

For lunch we  (DW and I) had leftover crab cakes from last weekend. Somehow they escaped being eaten all week. Then we  went to the COSTCO, the liquor store and the italian deli. After we left the deli we went to Rita’s for a snack. I worked outside, my DW worked inside, we deserved  a treat. As we were driving home I brushed the hair off my forehead and discovered something in my hair. Umm, yuck. This is one of my issues.  I put my fingers in the viscous liquid and then smelled it trying to figure out what the heck was in my hair. One possibility was pine tar since I was working in the yard today. But I had just showered a few hours earlier.  It was not pine tar.

When we got home I washed my hair. Pretty much before doing anything else. Whatever it was, it washed out fine.  I still don’t know, maybe the bluebird of paradise left me a present. Other things that make my skin crawl is getting yogurt on my hands or skin. I also don’t care for the smell of rotten fish. I spent a few too many years in the seafood business. Bugs, spiders, mice… no problem. Each will be dealt with is the necessary manner to eliminate them.  My DW does not like the slugs that seem to like the lettuce in the garden. I need to put some Coors Lite out for them this week.

This weekends non-cheap beer adventure is the Brooklyn Summer Ale. This summer ale is a little less expensive than the Victory Summer Love that we tasted last week. Light and crisp.  This ale got a thumbs up from all the beer or non-beer drinkers in my house. They all like the Victory from last week better.  Given the price point, this beer has potential.

Children..  DS1 is in Cleveland this weekend. He sent a picture of one of his college buddies on the golf course. I guess this means that they started the day off with some golf.  DS2 worked this evening at the Acme. He said it was both slow and busy.  He tried a steak sauce on his dinner tonight for the first time. He said it was not too bad. DS3 worked the day shift at the bark and biscuit.  He had an ok day. Not problems to report.

Dinner tonight was steak, fresh mozzarella, shrimp cocktail, potato salad and wine/beer. We ate outside on the deck until the flies found the shrimp and chased us into the house. We had finished dinner, we were just sitting and talking.  There was professional lacrosse on tv tonight. We watched one game and DVR’d the other.

Tonight’s pictures are from some of the various events of the day. The captions will explain what they are of. Enjoy!