Day 343, Low key, under the radar..

Not much excitement here in New Jersey today. If you are looking for the modern “Leave it to Beaver” day, that is what we had.  The weather was nice. Low of 65 high of 82 and sunny.  I worked from home today. DS3 was off today. My DW was off today and DS2 went into work at 2:30 pm. We had a houseful of people this morning. My DW went out to breakfast with her friend. I made Oscar Mayer Extra Thick bacon this morning to go with my american cheese omelette. DS2 had the same when he work up. He brough home american cheese from the deli last night when he came home. I bought a huge brick of “plastic cheese” at the COSTCO last week. He has decided that he does not like plastic cheese. Plastic cheese is pre-cut and each slice is wrapped in plastic. Sometime the cheese is sold in the non refrigerated section of the store. How much milk can be in a cheese that does not require refrigeration.  The kids never cared before about eating plastic cheese vs. deli sliced cheese. DS3 slept in and just ate the bacon when he woke up.

Work was so-so. I had a few things to do and I got them done. I took on a few open support calls to keep busy and did some scheduling for next week. Not a tough day (shhhh). For lunch we had BLT sandwiches. Well, we had bacon left over from the morning and a garden full of Romaine Lettuce. I need to put out beer for the slugs. My DW says they are invading the lettuce. I watered the garden today. Tomorrow I will cut the grass, feed the garden and water all the plants.

DS1 should, at this point in the evening, be traveling by car from Pittsburgh to Cleveland.  He sent me a picture of a beer at noon time. I think he was starting early while waiting for his train in Philadelphia.  Ahh, nice to be young.

Tonight’s picture comes from 2006 when we found a ridiculously cheap fare to Ft. Myers, Florida. The catch, we went down one day and returned the next.  We had a fun night in Florida (DS1, DS3 and I).  Enjoy!



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