Day 342, Weather or not..

The weather tonight can’t seem to make up it’s mind.  Sunny, cloudy, rain, thunder, sunny, cloudy, rain (repeat). Don’t forget the thunder added for good measure. Things are quiet (other than the thunder) here at the house tonight. DS1 went to work this morning. Tonight he is spending the night with his (she’s not my girlfriend) girlfriend. Tomorrow morning he is taking a train from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh. One of his college buddies is picking him up in Pittsburgh and they are driving to Cleveland for a bachelor party. One of the group of college friends is getting married in July.

DS2 is working the afternoon/evening shift at the Acme. DS3 is home, he worked the day shift today. He is getting some quality face time with his two parents tonight.  Nothing too probing, just some fun time sitting around yakking after dinner.  My DW worked her two ish hours today and is off tomorrow. This week she will certainly have burned through some of her vacation time.  Me, my project this morning went well. I was done in the time I expected. Having real work plans this morning isolated me from some of the nonsense that came by my desk this morning. Sorry, too busy. 

I went to the Wind Mill in Belmar for BOGO hot dogs today. If you find your way to the Jersey shore this summer and see a Wind Mill restaurant, make a point and stop in. I like mine with chile and cheese. If you want, I can email you the current coupon. I took my dogs to go and ate looking out at the beach and the boardwalk. In this part of town the boardwalk is just that, an elevated boardwalk along the beach. No rides or amusements. That is a little further down the road. While there are no structured amusements, people watching is always amusing. 

Tonight’s pictures come from my lunch break. DS3 went to Barnegat Light in search of Dairy Queen today. He sent me a picture of the Barnegat Inlet where he enjoyed his ice cream.  There is also a picture from Facebook with DS3 and a friend from I guess graduation. They are both nicely dressed. Enjoy!


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