Day 341, Not dead yet..

I may feel dead in the morning, but that will just be my legs complaining about playing two nights of lacrosse this week. The following lacrosse report is for my brother the weatherman. Hopefully this blog will serve as a recruiting tool and he will come down and play with us. No pressure, by the way. 

Tonight’s adventure was outdoors, under the lights on a turf field in Manalapan. We had enough guys to play two full teams with four substitutes for each team. We had four people prepared to play goalie tonight! In the world of pick up lacrosse, that is unheard of. We usually are lucky to have two goalies.  Game time was from 8 pm to 9:30 pm. In July we will play on Thursday nights. For the rest of June we will play on Wednesday nights.

I brought my amp and my Sirius music stuff so that we could play lacrosse and listen to music. Since the kids and most of the adults want something up tempo, we listen to Alt Nation. I won’t listen to this in my car, but playing lacrosse it’s perfect.  The crowed was a good mix of over 40 and 18 to 40.  Enough young guys to keep the game tempo up and enough experienced players to keep the defense and the goalies honest.  I got to play with DS3 again tonight. We traded trash talk because he would not pass the ball to me.   I did score a goal, I caught a few balls and missed a few passes. A better than average night for me. DS3 also had a goal. I have two for the week, he has only one. (More trash talk)

There was a thunderstorm in the distance that we could see the lightning from. We could not hear the booms, so it was pretty far away. Thankfully the storm stayed away from us.  Bottom line, a good group to play with, plenty of playing time. The real wild card is the weather.

Work, work, work. Me, busy and busy. The operations manager came by as I was starting to eat my sandwich from yesterday’s election and asked me to take care of a database issue that beyond his expertise. He had that “I need it now” look on his face. I finished my sandwich and called the customer. Over an hour later things were resolved. Then a few more now problems came up and I found myself still at my desk at 4:15 pm. So much for a lunch break. So, I left work early.

My DW worked today. They were not very busy, next week looks like a bear as the doctors come back from vacation. DS1 worked. I did not talk to him today. He is driving his truck tonight. I guess no early morning deliveries tomorrow. DS2 was off. His work week starts tomorrow. DS3 worked at the bark and biscuit. No biting dogs today. His chest looks a lot better today.

Tonight’s picture comes from July 2009 when DS3 went to lacrosse camp in Maryland. Enjoy!