Day 340, Another NJ election in the books..

I can honestly say that I worked with a much better (nicer) group of poll workers today. Working with strangers for one day is like being invited to a function and being seated at a table with complete strangers. Sometimes it works out well, sometimes not. My first experience working as a poll worker in November was on the negative side. Today was definitely on the positive side.  Between the two, maybe a positive wash.  Today’s election was a primary election to determine who the voters in November would vote for.  Observations:

  • It is great that we can hold elections without people walking around the polling place, guarding the polling place with machine guns.
  • As one of the experienced workers said this morning at 6:15 am, (polls open at 6 am), “People are strange”
  • It was nice to say hello to those of my neighbors that voted today. I worked in my home voting district
  • I was the first person to vote in our district, serving as the guinea pig
  • In a primary election in NJ you can only vote for the party that you choose’s primary
  • You can change the party you chose up to 55 days before the election
  • If you are an independent voter, you can vote in the primary only after choosing to be either a Republican or Democratic voter. Independent voters can not vote. Other parties can petition the court to be allowed to vote.
  • Since the Democratic candidate is unopposed (incumbant president) and the Republican front running candidate has enough delegates from winning previous state’s primaries, today’s election was rather meaningless.
  • Poll hours in New Jersey are from 6 am to 8 pm. Setup time starts at 5:15 am. That is pretty early in my current life.
  • I will get my check for 212.50 in about 5 weeks.  Beer run (not Coors Lite!)

DS1 worked. He delivered trees and worked on the farm (as it were). He has the bosses truck again tonight. He has local deliveries tomorrow morning.  His boss may have found a cheap way to expand his business into LBI area. Have DS1 take the truck home at night and deliver the trees in the morning. My DW and DS2 were both off today. They both came by to vote at different times. Yea, voting family! DS3 worked at the bark and bite, errr, biscuit today. He got between a very large dog and it’s smaller “sibling” today and got a “warning bite” on his chest. See the picture below. We (the parents) made sure the incident was properly documented. This is the third time that this particular dog has had documented issues at the bark and biscuit. He better watch out, this could go on his permanent record. DS3 is fine. Wary, but fine.

Tonight’s pictures are of the dog “warning bite” and the polling place while waiting for voters. The sounds that you don’t hear in the voting picture, but you can probably imagine, is the sound of crickets.  Enjoy!


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