Day 339, That will leave a mark..

Lacrosse night in Robbinsville. I took two weeks off, last week was Memorial Day and the week before I was just not in the mood. Now that the summer is here we have a new format.  The old guys play from 8 to 9 pm. The young bucks play from 9 to 10.  I had four shots tonight and one goal.  A good night for sure except for getting hit in the leg by a ball being shot at the goal.


Work today was busy. Everybody wanted something, and all at the same time.  At lunch time I decided to catch up on Touch.  The episodes are currently available on Hulu. My DW had a decent day. More fellow employee nonsense than actual work issues.  DS1 went in late today. I’m not really sure what that is all about. DS2 and DS3 had the day off. DS3 played lacrosse with us tonight. He played in both games until the mesh on his lacrosse stick ripped

The above was written on my phone while waiting for DS3 to finish his game. When we got home DS1 had parked the company pickup truck in the driveway, full of trees to be delivered somewhere. I’m sure there will be a story tomorrow.  DW and DS2 went to yoga tonight. I have to be at the polling place by 5:15 am tomorrow, so good night.

The picture above is the Robbinsville Field House where we play on Monday nights. Enjoy!