Day 337, That does not taste like Coors Lite..

That is an easy opening statement. Most things do not taste like Coors Lite.  My DW made this comment this afternoon. As you may remember earlier in the week I bought a 30 pack of Coors Lite and DS1 was unhappy with my choice. Tonight I bought a six-pack of Victory Summer Love. Yep, in your deepest Barry White voice say it with me, Summer Love. No problem with that.  The Victory Summer Love is a really great, expensive (9.00 a six-pack) Ale.  Does you budget include beer in this price range? If so, get some today!  Crisp, clean, hoppy. Not heavy, a good, summer, hot weather beer.

Dinner tonight was homemade Jumbo Lump crab cakes. COSTCO seems to have a contract with a crab meat company in North Carolina. Each Friday (it seems), a new batch of fresh jumbo lump crab meat arrives at our local COSTCO. Except for the second week of this “contract”, the crab meat has been fresh and excellent. The crab meat is so good I would almost rather eat the meat fresh and not make crab cakes with it. Tonight I made crab cakes. DS3 helped with the cooking. He volunteered. I think he is trying to learn how to cook some of the meals that he enjoys.

Along with our crab cakes we had fresh mozzarella from the local italian grocer. They make the mozzarella on site. The mozzarella sits on the counter waiting to be purchased. If you bring it home and do not refrigerate the cheese before serving it, the cheese will release some liquid, but, it tastes sweet like candy. Yum and yum.

Children, DS1 worked a 13 hour day. He is wandering around the house in a daze. He needs to go to bed. DS2 worked in the deli today. He said things were slow in the store today.  DS3 worked for the first time this summer. As a prank I emailed my family ( I am one of 10 children) and asked those that wanted, to text DS3 with “Arf, Arf, Arf”. His working in the dog pound. Not really, Lucky’s Bed and Biscuit is a four star pet lodging and spa. Some of  my siblings or their spouses sent pictures. DS3 came out of work and turned on his phone and was buried by the texts and pictures. After the first few messages he figured that I was behind the messages. He was right. Thank you to my family for playing along. It was a flash text, like a  flash mob, just via text.

We had a fun day, the weather was perfect. I could take this weather every day, year round. Tonight we (DW and I) did the hot tub hop. The water was nice. Tonight’s other picture is of the crab meat before I picked the shells out of it. Enjoy!