Day 336, Need a tree delivered?

DS1 left the house at 4:15 am this morning. I did not know that he was aware of that time of day. Ok, he knows about staying up that late, but certainly not about getting up that early. He made his delivery to Philadelphia by 7 am this morning. He walked into the house around 8:30 pm tonight,  he drove his boss’s pickup truck home.  The truck is full of trees that need to be delivered 2.5 hours north of here by 8 am tomorrow morning. It looks like he will be on the early shift again tomorrow.  I asked him who would have made the deliveries if DS1 was not working at that job. His answer was the owner of the company. That should provide some job security (hopefully).

Dinner tonight was take out chinese food.  I am not a big fan of chinese food. Nobody wanted to cook and I was looking for an inexpensive meal. Presto, chinese food. The food was good. I am all set for another 3 months. I worked from home today. Things were steady. There was a flurry of activity right at 5 pm.  A few people with problems that could not/should not wait until Monday. My DW worked another slightly shortened day. I’m sure somewhere in the near future she will pay for these short days this week. DS2 was off as was DS3.

In our town we have those garbage cans that you wheel out to the curb. Then the truck comes along and lifts and dumps the can and puts it back by the curb. Each house gets one can. If you want a second, you need to pay a one time fee for it.  Both of my cans are broken. And, they have been broken for some time. I finally emailed the town public works today about getting them replaced. There will be two pictures of the cans down below. Wow! You say, garbage cans! Must be a slow news day in New Jersey. Guilty as charged. But, they are going to fix/replace them next week.

Tonight’s pictures are as described. I will also add a mystery picture that the caption will explain.  Enjoy!