Day 335, Breaking news..

The breaking news this morning on the radio was the return of Jersey Shore to the Jersey Shore. Apparently the filming starts next week.  I listen to the news at 8 am while driving to work. Their weather is good, their traffic reports are a joke and the news is, well news. Somebody must care that those people are back to film for another summer. I could care less. I have not watched the show.  It probably is good for Seaside where they are located.  Breaking news?  Not in my timeline. Now back to Radio Margarittaville…

The weather today was rather nice.  Mid 80″s, not too much humidity. I got out of the office for lunch and sat at the park where I can play wall ball with my lacrosse stick, gloves and a ball. The practice is good for my eye – hand coordination.  I was somewhat busy at work.  Since Monday was a holiday, and Tuesday was a vacation day, this week is a loss for the most part. Next Tuesday is the New Jersey primary. Why bother? The front-runner already has enough delegates to win the nomination. I am working the election as a poll worker. I worked the November election as a first time poll worker. I guess I am now somewhere between an amature and skilled in the poll worker world.

I finished reading my first book on my DW’s Kindle Fire. I enjoyed the experience. The book was a free download through Amazon from our public library system here in New Jersey. If you go to ELibrary  and enter your library and your card number you can search for the available downloads.  In about 7 days the book will be “returned” to the automatically. I’m not sure how, but I guess I will see when the time comes. If my DW does not want to read the book, I might send it back sooner so someone else can read the book.

DW had another short day. The two doctors that were on vacation yesterday continue to be on vacation today. DS1 came home around 8:30 pm. He has to be back at the shop by 5:45 am tomorrow. He needs to make a delivery in Philadelphia by 7 am. He ‘s thrilled (not). DS2 worked in the deli again today. He is off on Friday and works Saturday afternoon. DS3 continues to enjoy his vacation. His first day of work is Saturday morning. Today he visited his ROTC friends at the high school. He ran and worked out as well.

I bought the mosquito spray at Home Depot. It is the Cutter brand in a grey bottle. You attach your garden hose to it and the water pressure mixes with the mosquito repellant and you spray your yard. It works pretty good. After about 9 o’clock at night, nothing works.

Tonight’s picture comes from my office today. On Saturday my DW went onto LBI to visit a friend. That friend was having a garage sale. The “things” that you see in the picture did not sell. Everyone who visited that day was”given” something to take home. I figured they could clutter the corner of my office for awhile. Enjoy!