Day 334, Who invited the mosquitos?

Back to work Wednesday for me. I will work in the office tomorrow, then from home on Friday. Maybe I should work from home tomorrow as well?  I’m not sure. I am probably due for some face time after being out of the office for the last week.  As you can imagine, if you have a work email account, that I was buried by emails when I returned this morning. Most of the them were read, dismiss and delete. There were a few that needed attention. The important customers knew in advance that I would be away. 

My DW worked a short day. Two of her doctors are on vacation. One of the doctors covering for the vacationing doctors was not informed about patients that the office had scheduled for him. She had a disjointed day. DS1 worked, he was home a little later than usual. No complaints from him. DS2 worked the evening shift so he got home around 9 pm. He said work was fine.  DS3 had the day off. He went to the high school to work out in the fitness center. Alumni are welcome to use the weight training equipment.  

After dinner I went out to the garden to tie the tomatoes up to the stakes I pounded into the ground yesterday. The mosquitos have benefited from rain of the last two days and were out in full force. I got most of the work down before I gave up and went back in the house. I will go to Home Depot tomorrow and get the mosquito spray for the yard. At times there were swarms of them circling my legs as I worked. Yuck!

Tonight’s picture is from March 2, 2009. I guess it snowed that day..  This would have been the view from the front porch looking at the street.  Enjoy!



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