Day 333, Last day of vacation..

Tomorrow I will have to return to work once again.  Happens to the best of us. I’m sure there are people out there looking for work that would be glad to say those words.  There was a lot of action on Facebook today. Most of it was regarding the weekend wedding in Texas. It’s nice that so many people can shoot and share their pictures.

My last vacation day started off with cooking breakfast for DS2 and DS3. We had cheese omelets with pork roll. DS2 made his into a sandwich.  After breakfast I goofed off (procrastinated) for an hour or so then I went outside to get the yard and garden work caught up. I cut the grass, fed the plants, put down much, watered all the plants, put stakes for the tomatoes, put in stakes for the cucumbers, and ran the weed whacker. Three hours straight in the hot sun. Ok, I did take a ten minute break to get a drink of water. I still have to tie the tomatoes to the stakes.

After I was done working outside I took a shower and my DW came home from work. She got out early. We went to Friday’s for lunch. She ate at work so she just had an appetizer. I had the KC Burger. It was pretty good. I texted the two boys at home to tell them where we were for lunch. They were there in ten minutes flat. We all enjoyed our lunch and chatting at the bar.  The service was great, we were the only customers at the bar.

Dinner tonight was steak from COSTCO. I bought a boneless rib roast and cut it into steaks which were cooked on the grill. We had some leftover cheese noodles and a salad as well. DS1 was at the gym while we were eating. He came home and commented on the Coors Lite in the refrigerator. Recently the beer of choice has been something a little nicer (more expensive) than Coors Lite. I told him, well, there are now five people drinking beer in the house, not three. If you want craft beers, you will need to buy them.  My DW will usually have wine, but she certainly could have a beer.

DS3 starts work on Saturday at the Bark and Biscuit. That is not really the name of the business. We just call it that. He works for Lucky’s Bed and Biscuit. A day/overnight pet place. Last year he was in charge of the large dog play group. He really enjoys animals so this may be the perfect summer job for him. DS1 worked today. It sounds like they had an easy day today.  DS2 had the day off. He works again tomorrow.

Tonight’s picture is of DS1 driving the tractor at his job. The caption on Facebook read “Look ma, no hands”. Enjoy!


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