Day 331, Last full day in Texas..

Today was another extended family filled today.  Breakfast was at a restaurant called  La Madeline. In the picture below you will see the  family members that made it to breakfast. Funny how a 8:30 am breakfast can separate the crazy from the sleepy.  After breakfast we did some clean up work from yesterday. There is still some work to do, but my brother’s house has been mostly returned to normal.

At noon time we headed to the groom’s parents house for a bbq and some pool time. They have a very nice home further north, outside of Houston.  They have a few horses and some palm trees next to their pool. The palm trees we near the pool, not the horses.  We had a great lunch and some sun and fun. After our pool party we went back to my brother’s house.

I played two games of bocci and lost both.  Then we went in the pool for some more water volleyball and beer.  Our team won in the darkness.  Dinner was leftover chicken parmigina.  There was wedding cake, ice cream and sandwiches left over from the weekend.  Here we are after dinner, just after 10 pm.  My brother’s children are hounding me to place a dice game called Farkle. I am resisting, but will probably give in for ten minutes than bail. I have to pack and get ready for tomorrow.

Tonight’s pictures are from the last two days. The captions will explain what they are.  Enjoy!