Day 329, I don’t want to share..

Not me, I grew up in a family of ten children. Seven boys and three girls. Sharing, you can imagine that we were taught to share.  I spent the first half of my day sitting poolside watching my brother’s two children, ages 5 and 6 play in the pool.  As you know my children are ages 23, 21 and 19. They are quite far removed from the ages of the pool boys.  As things go, there was only one of each item that we found for the kids to play with.  My bother spent some of the morning trying to get the boys to share.  At one point he was sitting on the top of the waterfall having a heart to heart talk with his youngest about sharing. At one point of the discussion the youngest yelled at the top of his voice “I don’t want to share!”  I got a chuckle out of the moment.

This afternoon my sister had her rehearsal at the house. The wedding is being held here in the home.  It was cute to watch the couple work with the minister working out the fine details. After the rehearsal we had a dinner outside. Did I say it is hot in Texas?  Consider it said.  After dinner and dessert we hung out visiting. At one point I was “volunteered” to clean shrimp for tomorrow’s meal. I spent the first 20 years of my post college working life working in the seafood industry.  Cleaning shrimp? I’ve done a few, for sure.

Back in New Jersey,  my DW had a decent day at work. She and DS2 went to the local diner for dinner. DS1 worked all day. As of 9:30 eastern he was not yet home. He is really putting in the hours this week.  DS3, not sure. I do know that Sunday he sings at the graduation for the University of Scranton. Then he comes home for the summer.

Tonight’ s pictures come from various places. The captions will explain them.  There are more pictures to share tomorrow. The upload is pretty slow tonight.  Enjoy!