Day 328, Planning ?

Today was a travel day for me from Newark to Houston. I flew Delta from Newark to Atlanta to Houston.  Welcome to the world of hub flying. Not really, hub flying has been the norm for the last twenty plus years.  This morning the fog in Newark was pretty bad.  My flight was 45 minutes late taking off.  Since I had a 45 minute window between flights in Atlanta, the airline automatically rebooked me. That mean that they took me off the scheduled second flight and put me on a later flight. I guess that is good. I did  not have to do any of the work.

After the plane landed in Atlanta, we had to wait ten minutes for the plane at our gate to move out of the way. Riddle me this Batman, if the flight was 45 minutes late, don’t you think they had time to get the plane out of the way?  Planning? Not!

When we finally got to Atlanta I walked over to my new gate and sat down to charge my phone and wait for my flight. I looked over and saw that the next gate was the original flight that I was scheduled to fly on.  Hmmm. I walked over and asked if I could get on the plane since it obviously was running late. It seems that after they rebooked me, they gave my seat to someone else. The gate agent told me that I could be on standby since the light was fully booked. I said, nah, I will wait. That original flight took off 15 minutes before my second flight. It was 1 hour and 30 minutes late departing.

Guess where my luggage was? Well, in the world off airline efficiency, my bag was on the original flight. It beat me to Houston by an hour. When I got to Houston I found the Delta luggage office. Inside was my bag. The doors were locked.  I looked around and saw nobody from Delta walking around. I called Delta and after finding my way through their phone system I got an operator who called Houston and found someone who was able to get the baggage person on the phone.  The baggage office lady did not look too happy that somebody from corporate called wondering where she was. In the end I got to Houston with my luggage.  Patience was the keyword for the day.

Delta, on the plus side, has an app for my phone which told me about my rescheduled flight and allowed me to track my luggage.  Modern technology.  My brother picked me up from the airport and we made a few stops on the way back to his house. One of the stops was at the Kingwood Farmers Market. We sampled many different things. One vendor had me sample almost all of the things that they sold. we bought a few things from them. We bought some blueberries, some goat cheese, peaches and some bread.  For dinner we went to a restaurant call Sharkey’s. The food was fine. They had 26 oz Dos Equis on tap. I enjoyed that.  It was fun to eat dinner with my brother and his children and watch the family dynamics. We came from the same tree.

Tonight’s pictures are from my travels. The captions will tell the tale.  Enjoy!


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