Day 327, Vacation starts here..

Tomorrow I fly to Houston for my youngest sister’s wedding. I have not been to Texas in a long time.  The weather forecast (not to jinx the weekend) looks good. 90 for a high, 70 for a low. Instant summer.  We did not get any rain here today so my DW has offered to water the garden while I am away. Yes, I am traveling solo on this adventure.  No rental car, sleep on the couch.  Like the good old days. Maybe not the good old days, but a couch for sure.  I am flying Delta this trip.  It should be an exciting weekend.

Work, work and work.  DS1 walked in the door at 9:30 this evening. He left at 6 am. His employer was on vacation for the last week and returned today. From the sounds of it, it would appear that the employer attempted to pay for his vacation in one day. DS1 is pretty beat.  He had a shower and a snack and probably is off to bed.  I remember days working on the fishing boat or the dock and getting up, working all day, eating sleeping and doing it again. I’m glad that I currently don’t live that life.

Work for me was steady. My morning work ran late so I had a late lunch. Late lunches are good because it seems that you come back from lunch and it’s time to go home. My DW had a steady day as well. DS2 worked a full day. When I came home he was sleeping on the couch in the tv room. I woke him up for dinner. He is working the rest of the week as well. With a good weather forecast, the store he works at will be busy all weekend. Next week things will quiet down until we get closer to July 4 th. But, if the weather remains nice in June, the store can be busy straight through. Where he works on LBI.  30,000 people in the off-season, 150,000 during the vacation season. People and cars.

DS3 is enjoying Senior Week at the U. Today they (not sure who they are other than DS3) are at a “lake house” enjoying some fun time. At the bottom is a picture of him and a friend in the lake.  I bet the water was cold.  It looks like he is having fun.  Once again I was the last man standing this morning. I pushed the button and “Roomie”, our Roomba, went to work cleaning the floors. His picture is at the bottom as well.

Good night from New Jersey. See you in Texas.