Day 325, Let’s talk about Saturday..

Tonight we are out of chronological order. Last night I wrote about Sunday, skipping the events of Saturday.  Since today was a hum dum, boring (in a funk day), I will tell you about how we spent Saturday.  Why am I in a funk today? Maybe it’s the weather.  It rained off and on all day.  My garden really likes a day like this once or twice a week. The ground gets a good soaking.

Saturday morning started off sunny and bright. We grabbed our suitcase and lacrosse game stuff and headed out the door before 8 am.  The lacrosse games we went to see were the Men’s D 1 Quarterfinals in Annapolis, Maryland. The ride down was pretty uneventful. A fairly easy 180 miles. While we were driving down, the parents of one of the player’s from DS1’s college lacrosse team texted me. They had read in my Friday night blog that we were going to the game on Saturday. They were getting ready to go to the game as well. We made plans to meet up at the game. 

We got to the stadium about an hour before the game started so we really had our pick of seats. All the tickets were general admission. Our friends got caught up in traffic and made it into the stadium by game time but did not get down to our saved seats until the first quarter was over. We sat and chatted about kids and lacrosse while watching the unranked team beat the pants off the ranked team. Ok, Maryland beat Johns Hopkins pretty good. We were sitting about 10 rows behind the Hopkins bench, so it got pretty quiet in the fourth quarter when it really became apparent that the blue and white were not going to win.

After the first game our friends went home. They live about an hour from the stadium and had things to do in the afternoon. My DW and I stayed for the second game. We ate a decent lunch at the stadium. She had shrimp salad with tomatoes and red onions. I had a crab cake sandwich.  We left after three-quarters since we had a 235 mile drive to Scranton ahead of us and getting stuck in stadium traffic would only prolong the drive. We hooked my cell phone up to the laptop and watched the end of the game via the internet provided by the cellphone. The picture buffered a lot, but watching streaming video while driving 65 mile an hours is pretty nuts. I was listening, she was watching.

The ride to Scranton was mostly uneventful as well. We got to our hotel by 8:30 Saturday night. There was a bachelorette party going on at the hotel. We witnessed some “high jinks” as we were driving into the parking lot. Fortunately, they were staying in a different part of the hotel and we did not hear any noise that night. We picked up DS3 and his friend at the U. DS3 also had more stuff to send home with us. This was the primary reason for driving to Scranton.

We ate dinner at Coopers Seafood Restaurant. They had their outdoor decks and bars open and the place was packed. The food was good and we had a nice visit with the two boys. DS3 said he had not been hungry that day but boy did he eat up a storm at dinner. We dropped them back off at the U and drove back to our hotel.  Sunday we drove home.  All told, we drove about 650 miles on Saturday and Sunday.

Tonight’s picture comes from July 2009 when DS1 turned 21. DS2 is on the left, DS3 is on the right. Enjoy!



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