Day 324, Crazy – but, there is a story in there..

It is Sunday night here in South Jersey.  The wind has been off the cold ocean all day. The fog is starting to roll in. When we last visited, We (DW and I) were in Scranton, PA picking up things from DS3. He will be in Scranton for another week. He is singing at the University of Scranton’s commencement.  The weather in Scranton today when we left this morning was nicer than the weather here when we got home.  After checking out from our hotel we went to Northern Lights for our morning coffee. Then I had to navigate a few one way streets to get onto 307  North and head out of Scranton towards I 380 and home.

As we are sitting at the intersection of Adams and Linden, listening to the chirping cross walk sounds. What, you don’t know what chirping cross walk sounds are? Apparently, there are sounds that the cross walk (Walk, Don’t Walk) signs make to tell vision impaired people that they should cross.  One direction makes one sound, the other direction makes a different sound. Could you imagine living near one of these intersections ?  No thanks. We were sitting at the light waiting to turn onto Linden, then Jefferson then 307 North. We had our coffee and a pleasant Sunday morning vibe going on. Got the picture?  Cool!

I was watching the light, waiting for it to turn green and I heard a women yelling. Hmm, that’s odd. I turned my head to see the old (70 plus, sorry) women in her car on Linden yelling, I mean yelling, at a pedestrian (another older women) that had slowly walked in front of her after the light had turned green.  We just sat and watched the women in the car go off, yelling at the walker. So much for that Sunday morning vide. Not some much, we were still in the zone. We talked as we drove up 307 about what we had witnessed.  We came to the conclusion that maybe the two women knew each other. Maybe they went to high school together. Maybe the walker sits on a bench by the chirping light waiting each Sunday morning for that lady to come by and get caught by the light. Maybe they are sisters!  I told you, crazy, but there is a story in there.

Maybe it is me and there is no story after all. Just two random strangers working up their blood pressure on a Sunday morning. We stopped at The Barrel Family restaurant for breakfast after our encounter downtown. Who knew these people had a website? The food was good, reasonably priced and the table service was attentive. What more could you ask for. After we ate we drove home. The drive home was mostly uneventful. Given a 200 mile trip, there are bound to be a few moments of “What were they thinking?” by other drivers on the road. Hopefully I did not cause too many of those.

Only one picture tonight. Here is my DW at breakfast with her glass of apple of juice via Instagram. Enjoy!