Day 322, WFH Friday..

I can get used to this working three days in the office and two days from home. If the price of gas keeps falling my real savings will start to dwindle. Soon it will be cheaper to go to work instead of staying home?  Ouch, that slap to the head woke me from that silly dream.  Yes, I worked from home again today.  I think DS2 enjoys (to some extent) having me home since I cook both of us breakfast and lunch. Sometime we go out, but we always have something interesting. Breakfast was thick bacon with cheese omelets. For lunch we had General Taos Chicken. It comes from COSTCO frozen. Just heat, add the sauce and serve.   We will purchase that item again.

Working from home also allows me to make sure the kitchen is clean and tidy before the dinner cooking chaos starts. Tonight we had snow crab legs from the Shop Rite. They were on sale. We also had fresh crabmeat from COSTCO, shrimp cocktail and fresh mozzarella. DS1 commented that the fresh mozzarella was “lame”. He has been spoiled by the product that the local Italian store makes on site.  The Shop Rite makes it fresh twice a week. It is better than the packaged fresh mozzarella that is in the stores. DS1 worked again today. He has the weekend off.  He starts full-time next week. He has been working part-time (36 hours) while he finished his one remaining college class.  The job in Reading with the chemical company has fallen through. He will keep working where he is and keep looking for better opportunities.

Tomorrow we are heading to Annapolis to see the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse quarterfinals. The games will be over by 5:30 so the plan was to stop for crabs somewhere and drive home Saturday night. DS3 let me know last night that he will need some more help getting his things home from college. After the game on Saturday we are driving to Scranton for the night. We hope to be out of Scranton early enough to get our usual Sunday chores done. That’s the plan, we’ll see how it works out. Mapquest says the loop is about 600 miles. Yippie!

Tonight’s pictures are random pictures off a backup file from DS2’s computer. Enjoy!




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