Day 320, Happy Birthday, Dude..

It is a funny relationship. The relationship between myself and my three children. Each one is different, the relationships. As is each child different from each other. My parenting skills (as they are) are a direct result of the way I was brought up minus the parts that I disagreed with plus my desire to do a better job than my parents. Is it time for that sit down and judge my parenting skills, nah, not today.

My middle son turned 21 today. He is the musician in the family. As you may remember, he is a student at Marywood University.  We are at our best in this relationship when he is at school and we (the parents) are 200 miles away.  When he is home on vacation he reminds me of myself in that I used to chafe at my parents being involved in my life.  It is a challenge for me to accept that he is an adult and able to make his own decisions. My DW has become the referee that makes sure that we both communicate effectively. I’m not sure she enjoys that role.

How’s that for some introspection?  On to lighter moments. Tonight we went to the Makoto Hibachi and Sushi restaurant here in town. DS2 invited one of his high school buddies along to celebrate with us.  We had a good time at dinner. Ds2 got to catch up with his friend who will be a junior at Rutgers next year. They both are going through a change of major time at their universities. We (the parents) got to talk to DS1 about his day. He drove DS2 to the BYOB restaurant and sent him (DS2) into the liquor store to get a 12 pack of beer and a bottle of wine. He said the lady at the counter told him that she could not wait to ask for his id. She wished him a Happy Birthday. I know that cashier, her husband attended the University of Scranton many years ago.

After we had dinner we returned home for cake and presents. DS2 got a baritone ukelele from his parents. He tuned it up and played some for us. That was really cool to see. He also got clothes and cash from his grandma. On the computer battle front, I was able to get his old hard drive to respond. I am copying off the files that he wants.  We bought a 1 terabyte hard drive today and are installing Windows on that.  He will have more than enough room for his music and games.  DS3 has been studying and taking finals all week. I hope to speak with him tomorrow to see how things are going. Work, yes we both worked. Life is about family (most of the time).

Pictures and videos tonight.

The videos will be via links  here and here

Pictures are from tonight’s birthday dinner. Enjoy!