Day 319, Many hats, hats..

Pardon the interruption while I put on my blogging hat. I would have put that hat on earlier except that I was wearing my computer support hat. And no, work did not follow me home. That is a pretty hard rule in my life. Except at Christmas when I am on call. I spent the evening diagnosing DS2’s computer. It would start to boot, but never get past the Windows XP splash screen. He has had some problems over the last month and they came to a head this evening.  As best as I can tell, the main hard drive is shot. I loaded XP on a 500 gig drive that was the secondary hard drive in his computer. I did some of the Windows updates already. His job for tomorrow is to finish doing all the Windows updates. I will put a 1 terrabyte hard drive in the computer tomorrow night. That will be where he will save is music and game files. Hopefully he has been saving his important stuff to his Dropbox folder.

Somebody, and I won’t mention names, suggested back when I was thinking of changing career paths, that I should do for work what I like do as a hobby. That way I would be able to enjoy my hobby and get paid for doing it. I would disagree having 20/20 hindsight. I think it is better to have work and hobbies separate. That way you can escape one or the other when you want to. Or, your hobby might follow you home from work.

My DW worked a full day again today.  I worked a full day as well. Tomorrow is already scheduled to be a challenge. DS1 worked today. He came home late, went to the gym, got some food to eat and went to bed.  DS2 ran some errands for his mother today. He is enjoying his week’s vacation. Marywood University sent him a Happy 21 st Birthday card. In the card was a wallet sized missive about alcohol and the dangers of drinking and driving. How thoughtful of the them. Tomorrow he will turn 21 years old.  DS3, finals I guess. I have not heard from his since the weekend. DS2 said he was playing video games today. I asked if that was a code word for studying for you finals. I don’t think so.

Tonight’s picture is from October 2008. DS3 (with American flag) is commanding the color guard before a high school football game. Enjoy!


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