Day 318, Being a support bunny..

I had the option today of working a 15 hour day for the same money or rejoining the general support team for a day.  I decided to join the support team for a day. It was not as bad as it could have been.  I get to go back to my regularly scheduled work life tomorrow. Yippie!  Is that some enthusiasm or what? I think the or what is closest to the truth.  Today was smash ’em up on the Garden State Parkway Monday. It seems that for the last ten commuting days there has been some sort of accident or traffic tie up going to work. We went months and months without a problem. I guess given the laws of probability, we are due.

I just returned from another night of men’s lacrosse action. We had a good group tonight. I did not score. I did catch a few balls and missed only the ones that were thrown in such a way to be nearly un-catchable. So, a good night I guess. And, I did not get hurt. My DW worked the early shift today. The unit was still going strong when she left at 3:30 pm. She and DS2 went to yoga tonight.  DS1 had the day off. He started the transcript process with the community college. DS2 went and visited his summer job and filled out the necessary paperwork. He starts work next week. DS3, had a final today, one tomorrow and one each fay for the rest of the week.

Tonight’s picture is  of  a bird. I think the picture was taken in St. Pete’s Beach, Florida.  Enjoy!


Florida bird