Day 318, Many pictures!..

It seems that my family (local and extended) were out and about today. I saw many pictures from them. I have clipped and saved them for tonight’s blog. My rundown for today is pretty easy. Eggs and pork roll for breakfast. No pork roll, buy on-line or move east of Harrisburg, PA. We (DW and I) did chores around the house. She had laundry to do and she cleaned the windows the glass table outside. Me, I cut the grass, ran the weed whacker and watered the gardens. I cleaned the filters in the hot tub as well.

Lunch was grandma’s homemade pea soup and tuna fish salad served on a huge romaine leaf from the garden. When you rolled the leaf like a tortilla, it was like having a tuna burrito. Just no bread. After lunch we read our books and took a nap. Some quick shopping followed nap time. DS1 returned from work around 7 pm and we had burgers and various salads outside on the deck. The temperature here in NJ got up to 80 degrees today.  After dinner we watched college and professional lacrosse on tv. DS1 is out with his friends tonight.

DS2 and DS3 met up with my sister and her husband for hot dogs at The Original Coney Island Lunch in Scranton. My sister called later to tell me that she enjoyed visiting with the two boys.  DS2 had a commencement mass this afternoon. Tonight he went to the Texas Roadhouse and had fish and chips for dinner while sitting at the bar. He turns 21 on Wednesday. He said the food was hot and that the guy next to him was having a Corona without the lime. Yikes!  He also is going to see The Avengers in 3D this evening. Tomorrow is graduation, then he drives home for the summer.  DS3 other than visiting with my sister and taking a nap, spent some of his time studying for finals next week.

Here are the promised pictures from my family. And I still can not rotate the pictures once they are uploaded. Enjoy!


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