Day 317, No truer words..

Here is my horoscope from this morning.

Hi Pete! Here is your Daily Horoscope for Friday, May 11
Work issues are ten times more difficult today — so take a day off or put off that job search until tomorrow. If you’re stuck, just remember that things are sure to get better by this time tomorrow.


 No truer words have been spoken (not in a while)  by me at least. At work, today, well it sucked. Plain and simple. No pretty phrases or sayings.  When you start you day with horoscope like this, the chances of a good day at work are pretty slim. Most of the time my horoscope is completely wrong. Not today.

My DW had a crazy day as well. DS1 got home from work 45 minutes late because HE had a crazy day. What in the world happened today?  After work we spent some down time reading our books and met DS1 at a local bar for dinner. That was nice. After the work day pace, the evening’s relaxing pace was a true blessing.

Kids, not much to say. DS2 comes home Sunday. DS3 has finals next week. In the midst of my chaos today, I spoke with both of them.  Can you say dogpile? That is where I was today.

A picture to seal the deal tonight comes from 2006.


Southwest sun set 2006

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