Day 316, Books and more books..

This week I finished reading Stephen King’s The Wind Through the Keyhole. This book (as per the author’s forward) could be considered  The Dark Tower 4.5. Coming in between book four and book five.  I enjoyed the book. It was shorter than most of the Dark Tower (or any Stephen King) books. I don’t think that the story served much purpose to the grand scheme of the Dark Tower books except to tell us more about Roland’s mother.  I think that Stephen King probably had a short story idea and was looking for a way to tell that story so he piggy backed it onto the Dark Tower series. I won’t spoil the book by going into it further. Or, if you haven’t (don’t care to) read the series, then more information would probably bore you. If you want to borrow/read/pass on the book, let me know.

The next book that I started last night is Steig Larsson’s The Girl Who Played With Fire.  I read the Girl With the Dragon Tatoo this summer.  The first book was tough since it happened in Sweden. Why was that tough for me? The peoples names were unfamiliar. Maybe they were the Jones and Smith’s of Sweden. I don’t know. The places had names that I had never heard of and had trouble relating to. And the money was in kroner’s.  That made it hard for me to equate the value being discussed vs. the dollar. The current book picks up more or less where the first ended. I think you could read the second one first but you would be missing some of the context. I will let you know when I finish how this book was.

When I woke up this morning I decided to work from home. The sun was shining and I felt the need to save the planet one less commute at a time. It does not hurt that I save money on gas and tolls to boot. The morning went well. My morning customer had lots of questions and minor requests. This kept both of us busy for a few hours. I ate lunch at home, soup and a sandwich. I kept busy in the afternoon. My DW worked a full day. She came home and caught me planting pumpkins in the side garden. It was after four and I was bored.

DS1 went to the gym this morning. Apparently the gym is having an open house week. He commented on the gym being crowed today. After the gym he went to LBI to go fishing. It was very windy here today and he did not catch anything. He took lots of pictures that he said he would share with me tonight. He has gone to bed without doing this. Maybe you will get beach and jetty pictures tomorrow night. DS2 and DS3, not much to tell. DS3 is getting ready for finals. DS2 has music practice for the commencement mass and the actual commencement ceremony.

Tonight picture are from my parent’s wedding day. Enjoy!