Day 314, Talked out?..

It has been a busy past few nights relating the family (and extended family) activities. Tonight, boring.  We had dinner together (DW and I). After dinner we cleaned up the kitchen. Then we both read our books. At 8 pm we watched NCIS and then NCIS LA. Blog time is now, followed by bed time. Wahoo, pretty exciting times. I actually don’t mind having the night off. It has been a busy few weeks recently.

Daytime stuff..  My sister that popped up last night with her house for sale is looking to buy a slightly smaller house with twice the land in the same city in Washington State. The pictures of the new house are pretty outstanding. The view of the river and the mountains beyond is almost unreal. Hopefully she will be able to sell her current house and move into the new one. DS1 worked at the tree farm/nursery today. He got home late and was tired. He hardly spoke about his day. He did not hear back from the job interview yesterday. I sent DS2 a list of questions that his parents have about studying abroad. I suggested that this might be a good week to meet with the person that does this at Marywood. That is assuming that person is on campus this week. Most of the students have gone home for the summer.

DS3, did his thing today. Whatever that might be. I let the two Scranton boys know that one of my sisters might be in Scranton this weekend. She may take them out for hotdogs on Saturday.  My DW started the day texting me about work. This is odd since she usually does not have her phone with her and she rarely texts in the morning unless things get crazy. They got crazy this morning. Then, just like that, a few patients cancelled until tomorrow and she was home on time. Can you say roller coaster? Me, busy in the morning, not so busy in the afternoon. I walked another 1.5 miles at lunch. I worked on my lacrosse stick skills as I walked again today.  The other people on the trail give me a wide berth when the ride/run past me.

Tonight’s picture is the view from my car while I ate lunch before walking. It sure beats looking at a computer monitor. One picture is normal, the other is an Instagram picture. Enjoy!


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  1. sillygoose
    May 09, 2012 @ 09:24:55

    your sister be in town with hot diggity dogs this saturday at 1 I finalize plans thursday


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