Day 313, Monday night ..

The weekend is behind us and another one is slowly creeping our way. I had to do chores tonight. Chores as defined as things that you don’t want to do. The chore in question was the bill paying chore. I got to open the envelopes, separate the important from the trash, pay the bills and settle up my Quicken. Not my favorite time of the month. But, I am always happier when I’m done since the specter of the “pile of bills” has been smited for another month. It may not always be that dramatic, but you get the point.

Things going on.. I painted yesterday. All the edges and stuff that the roller can’t reach. I will take the tape down tomorrow.. I have one bedroom left to do. Today was my brother’s birthday. I am one of ten children. Three girls and seven boys. He would be b3 (brother 3) if I haven’t lost all of my mind.  I am b2. He said on Facebook that he had a nice day. Happy Birthday Dude!  My oldest sister has placed her home up for sale. We (the family) or me, found out tonight. I don’t know where they are going to move to. Stay tuned for further updates.

My brother the weatherman ran (and finished) the NJ Marathon on Sunday. He said the first 18 miles were fun but the last 8 were pretty tough. Good for him. Me, I worked in the office today. Nothing special. I have projects scheduled for the rest of the week. At lunch time I walked 1.5 miles while working on my lacrosse stick skills. I need the practice. Tonight I had an assist and caught one of the two catchable balls thrown at me. I did not score on my on attempt.

My DW worked a full day. She made bratwurst on the George Forman grill for dinner. I enjoyed them. DS1 had a job interview with a chemical company in Reading, Pa. He said it went well. He met and was interviewed by about six different people. He hopes to hear more from them in the next few days. DS2 sent me an email about studying abroad in Australia. I won’t be able to attend his concerts if he does that. Sorry, Australia is just to far to go for one night. Wheeling, WV is my out and back in one day distance limit.  DS3 was quiet today. I pulled a few pictures off Facebook from his ROTC group.

The pictures tonight are of DS3 and his MS1 friends. Enjoy!




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