Day 312, Lots to talk about..

We seem to have eaten our way through the weekend. How that happens (not by design), I am not sure.  Today is Sunday, May 6, 2012.  For lunch DS1 and I had soft shell crab sandwiches. I bought the soft shell crabs from my local fish market on the way home from grocery shopping. My DW does not like soft shell crabs. The claws and legs sticking out the sides of the sandwich is too much for her. I have pictures at the bottom of the crabs being cooked. We had them on italian bread (the real stuff from Newark, NJ) with fresh romaine from the garden and tater sauce.  They were delicious!  I taught DS1 how to clean the crabs for cooking. The most important part of the purchase/cleaning is that the crabs are alive when you buy them. Once they die they have a limited shelf life. We used J.O. Original Soft Shell Crab batter. There are directions on the back of the box on how to clean the crab. Or, your local fish market can clean them for you.

Dinner tonight was lobsters, steamers and corn on the cob. The same fish market had 1.75 lb lobsters on sale. We (DS1, DW and I like lobsters) so we decided to have them for dinner. The steamers are soft shell clams, maybe you know them as piss clams. They have a “foot” that sticks out of the shell.  The corn was left over from Friday’ s crab cake meal. The steamers are served with melted butter. Some people, like us, also have a bowl of the broth the clams were cooked in to rinse the sand off.  This is the best way to go.  Last night we had veal chops on the grill with home-made breakfast potatoes. Like I said, we ate our way through the weekend.

No planting in the garden today. I did get a few new sprinklers so that all the necessary areas could get watered without moving a sprinkler. I am more likely to water the garden in the morning if I can just turn the hose (s) on and walk away. DS1 and I went down to the local lacrosse field and threw around some this afternoon. I feel more confidant about my stick after re-stringing it last week. I need time throwing and catching. Boring, but necessary.

DS2 went on a March of Dimes Walk A Thon today. This was his first experience doing this. He had a good time. He said that he took a nap after the walk when he returned to school. He was not happy with the pork that the school served tonight. He wanted lobster and steamers instead. One more week and he will be home.  DS3 has texted quite a bit this weekend. He and his friend are now officially dating. She has also agreed to drive him to Little Falls after they both sing at the University of Scranton commencement  on Memorial Day. He continues to find cars that he might want to purchase. We (DW and I) continue to counsel that since he can’t have a car at school it is dumb to pay car insurance so the car can sit here in NJ. Two words.. deaf ears.

I have lots of pictures tonight. As usual, the captions will explain. I can’t seem to rotate the pictures in the blog like I used to do. When I try, the entire page resets. Hopefully I have a backup of the page when this happens. Enjoy!

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