Day 311, Isn’t the name of a band?

See, I’m not that old. Last night “the chair” swallowed me whole while I was writing my blog. It was 11:40 pm, my friend had left, I had my glass of liquid sugar cane and I was in the “writing zone”. I had finished up the blog, done all the editing I was going to do and I went and uploaded a picture to the web. The next thing I know it is 02:30 am. The computer is still on my lap, and I am still in the chair. Crap, there goes a good night’s sleep. I mashed the publish button and went to bed. I made up for the chair time by not getting out of bed until nearly 10 am this morning.  So, I did write the blog on Friday and I did publish on Saturday. What can I say. I fell asleep with one more click. That will not happen tonight.

Saturday in New Jersey. DS1 left early to go to work. He did not return until nearly 4 pm.  That is ok with us. He needs the hours.  My DW and I went to Home Depot, Lowes, Shop Rite, K Mart, Costco. Whew!  We work all week then spend it on the weekend.  Today was finish the garden day. By the end of the day I had planted 20 tomato plants, 20 cucumber plants, 6 honey-dew melon plants, 4 cantaloupe plants, four blue berry bushes and laid out landscaping plastic to block the weeds. I also seeded the patch of the front lawn that I tilled in March. The first set of grass seed I put down was three or more years old and none of it grew. Maybe todays planting will do better.

My DW pulled weeds in her flower beds and put down mulch. She has put down about 20 of the 40 bags that her loving husband bought for her. She also worked on window boxes for our deck.  It was damp here today. This made it a good day for planting.  At about 5 pm we both had had enough of the yard work and called it a day. She still has two flower boxes to finish after we get more potting soil. I have four snap peas to plant. One the side of the house I still have 8 hills to plant something in. The soil on the side of the house is mostly clay so I got 20 bags of dirt and made hills out of each. 8 of those hills are currently only growing weeds.

Scranton children, hmm. DS2 is alone in his room. His roommates have gone home for the summer. He will be staying to play his trumpet at commencement. He will be home on Mother Day in the evening. He is using this down time to practice his various instruments and catch up on the spring tv season that he missed.  DS3 sent some ROTC paperwork. There are no brigade scholarships available for the next school year. He has the option of committing without a scholarship. This would give him a monthly stipend during school months. When he graduates he would be a Second Lieutenant. We will discuss the pros and cons with him.

Tonight’s pictures are of various things in the garden. The captions should explain what you are looking at.  Enjoy!


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