Day 309, Lagging behind..

It is only May 3, so I really am not lagging behind. My brother commented asking about my garden. I was all hot and heavy tilling the dirt, adding more dirt and cow manure back in the end of March.  We planted romaine lettuce back then and then nothing. In the middle of April we planted brussel sprouts and cucumbers. Here we are in the beginning of May and I am growing some fine weed seedlings. There certainly will be a big crop this year. Traditionally in New Jersey you should not plant your tomatoes before Mothers Day for fear of a killing frost. 

We had some cold weather in the last ten days and the cucumbers died. Maybe going away for the weekend and not watering them did not help. The romaine lettuce loves this cool and (this week) damp weather. We have been eating salads out of the garden for the last two weeks. We should not have to purchase lettuce until some time in July. The brussel sprouts are a half way success. Half of the plants I planted are still alive and doing good. The other half are dead. This weekends plan is to hit the Home Depot early Saturday morning and get all my plants for the garden. Then I can plant them and be (hopefully) set for the season.

Another weekend plan is to finish the painting. I ready to just get it done. I don’t think I will get the kids room done, but all the edges in the rest of the first floor will be done. Bold words from a procrastinater!  We’ll see Sunday night how I did.  I put the some of the summer outdoor plants out on the deck this morning. It should be warm enough from here on in until November to leave them out at night. The dining room where they reside all winter looks barren without them.

Children, DS1 had class today. He has two or so more classes and he is done.  We went to dinner tonight and shared a few beers and bar pies with him. My DW worked late and was not interested in cooking. I can’t blame her. My work was busy again today. I have minimal plans for tomorrow, and yes,  I will be working from home. DS2 has two finals to go and then he will have completed two years of college. Where does the time go. DS3, continues to do his thing. I did not hear from him again today. Hint!

Tonight’s picture is from DS2’s last high school Christmas concert in 2009. He was mostly clean shaven at that time. Enjoy!


Look ma, no beard!