Day 308, and the full moon is not for four more days..

People were crazy today. Somewhat yesterday as well. During my drive home yesterday there were no less than 6 cars broken down or with flat tires. I felt lucky to get home without any issues. This morning there was a car flipped over, two sets of three cars that rear ended each other and a car on fire. All this excitement in 5 miles of the GSP.  If you mix in the inconsiderate (more so than usual) drivers for the rest of my 35 mile commute, you would get an accurate picture of the drive to work.  Why was everybody so crazy? Sunday is the full moon, maybe that is the problem.

Work was ok. The day was fairly structured. I missed my lunch break. I ate while working (not my favorite thing). I was able to leave the building to go to the bank and Wendy’s for a Frosty. Yum!  My DW had a quiet day. She was on the early shift so she got to leave early. DS1 came home tonight. He talked about work. He is getting an education in salesmanship and pricing. DS2 is almost done with his finals. DS3, I picked up a picture off Facebook that his is on. An ROTC picture. Other than that, a quiet day. I started reading Steven King’s  “The Wind Through the Keyhole” So far so good. Back to the Dark Tower.

Tonight’s picture is from Facebook compliments of DS3. Enjoy!