Day 307, Ups and downs..

The roller coaster ride continues.  Today was certainly a study in contrasts. The first example would be the weather here in New Jersey. I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of rain pounding against the bedroom window. I have not been paying attention to the weather so I was surprised by the rain. It was still raining, cold and damp when I left for work.  I went out at lunch time since I forgot to bring leftovers for lunch. The rain was gone and the sun was out. The temperature was a lot of warmer with a hint of the summer humidity.  I went down to the boardwalk in Point Pleasant for lunch.

I went into Martell’s Tiki Bar. I ate in the restaurant part, the tiki bar did not look open. In fact, for a while I was the only customer. I went up the counter and ordered a buffalo chicken cheese steak. I paid the girl and then she went to cook the sandwich.  She told me when she gave me my change that I was number 154.  At the other end of the counter is a sign that says Pick Up Order Here.  I walked down there to wait for my food. I decided to eat inside so I took off my coat and sat in the booth right by the sign. There still were no other customers in the restaurant. She finally finishes my sandwich and walks over to the counter and yells loudly 154!.  I was sitting three feet away. I just shook my head. Maybe she is practicing for the summer time.

The boardwalk was quiet as well. Mostly seniors walking and family’s with young children or strollers out for a walk.  DS1 texted me this morning that the battery light was coming on in his Explorer. Then he texted that he made it to work. Work is about an hour from the house over the river and through the woods. No joke.  I called him and offered a few suggestions about what he might do about the truck. In the end he spoke with his new employer and they took the truck to a local shop where I put was allowed to put 600 dollars into his vehicle.  Tonight his visiting his girlfriends house in Allentown. He will be at work at 7:30 am tomorrow morning.  Good thing we (I) put some money into his car. I hope he gets paid soon.

Work was ok for me. I got all my projects done today with the minimum of interruptions. The rest of the week will be pretty structured as well.  My DW worked a full day as well. DS1 worked. DS2 had three finals today. Tonight is flapjack night. Marywood University has a flapjack night during finals. They also sever tater tots and waffles. The teachers cook, the kids blow off some steam and get back to studying. DS3, I did not hear from him at all today.

Tonight’s picture I pulled off Facebook. DS3 is holding the red flag in the ceremony. Last week the old command was retired and the new command was installed. Enjoy!