Day 335, Breaking news..

The breaking news this morning on the radio was the return of Jersey Shore to the Jersey Shore. Apparently the filming starts next week.  I listen to the news at 8 am while driving to work. Their weather is good, their traffic reports are a joke and the news is, well news. Somebody must care that those people are back to film for another summer. I could care less. I have not watched the show.  It probably is good for Seaside where they are located.  Breaking news?  Not in my timeline. Now back to Radio Margarittaville…

The weather today was rather nice.  Mid 80″s, not too much humidity. I got out of the office for lunch and sat at the park where I can play wall ball with my lacrosse stick, gloves and a ball. The practice is good for my eye – hand coordination.  I was somewhat busy at work.  Since Monday was a holiday, and Tuesday was a vacation day, this week is a loss for the most part. Next Tuesday is the New Jersey primary. Why bother? The front-runner already has enough delegates to win the nomination. I am working the election as a poll worker. I worked the November election as a first time poll worker. I guess I am now somewhere between an amature and skilled in the poll worker world.

I finished reading my first book on my DW’s Kindle Fire. I enjoyed the experience. The book was a free download through Amazon from our public library system here in New Jersey. If you go to ELibrary  and enter your library and your card number you can search for the available downloads.  In about 7 days the book will be “returned” to the automatically. I’m not sure how, but I guess I will see when the time comes. If my DW does not want to read the book, I might send it back sooner so someone else can read the book.

DW had another short day. The two doctors that were on vacation yesterday continue to be on vacation today. DS1 came home around 8:30 pm. He has to be back at the shop by 5:45 am tomorrow. He needs to make a delivery in Philadelphia by 7 am. He ‘s thrilled (not). DS2 worked in the deli again today. He is off on Friday and works Saturday afternoon. DS3 continues to enjoy his vacation. His first day of work is Saturday morning. Today he visited his ROTC friends at the high school. He ran and worked out as well.

I bought the mosquito spray at Home Depot. It is the Cutter brand in a grey bottle. You attach your garden hose to it and the water pressure mixes with the mosquito repellant and you spray your yard. It works pretty good. After about 9 o’clock at night, nothing works.

Tonight’s picture comes from my office today. On Saturday my DW went onto LBI to visit a friend. That friend was having a garage sale. The “things” that you see in the picture did not sell. Everyone who visited that day was”given” something to take home. I figured they could clutter the corner of my office for awhile. Enjoy!



Day 334, Who invited the mosquitos?

Back to work Wednesday for me. I will work in the office tomorrow, then from home on Friday. Maybe I should work from home tomorrow as well?  I’m not sure. I am probably due for some face time after being out of the office for the last week.  As you can imagine, if you have a work email account, that I was buried by emails when I returned this morning. Most of the them were read, dismiss and delete. There were a few that needed attention. The important customers knew in advance that I would be away. 

My DW worked a short day. Two of her doctors are on vacation. One of the doctors covering for the vacationing doctors was not informed about patients that the office had scheduled for him. She had a disjointed day. DS1 worked, he was home a little later than usual. No complaints from him. DS2 worked the evening shift so he got home around 9 pm. He said work was fine.  DS3 had the day off. He went to the high school to work out in the fitness center. Alumni are welcome to use the weight training equipment.  

After dinner I went out to the garden to tie the tomatoes up to the stakes I pounded into the ground yesterday. The mosquitos have benefited from rain of the last two days and were out in full force. I got most of the work down before I gave up and went back in the house. I will go to Home Depot tomorrow and get the mosquito spray for the yard. At times there were swarms of them circling my legs as I worked. Yuck!

Tonight’s picture is from March 2, 2009. I guess it snowed that day..  This would have been the view from the front porch looking at the street.  Enjoy!



Day 333, Last day of vacation..

Tomorrow I will have to return to work once again.  Happens to the best of us. I’m sure there are people out there looking for work that would be glad to say those words.  There was a lot of action on Facebook today. Most of it was regarding the weekend wedding in Texas. It’s nice that so many people can shoot and share their pictures.

My last vacation day started off with cooking breakfast for DS2 and DS3. We had cheese omelets with pork roll. DS2 made his into a sandwich.  After breakfast I goofed off (procrastinated) for an hour or so then I went outside to get the yard and garden work caught up. I cut the grass, fed the plants, put down much, watered all the plants, put stakes for the tomatoes, put in stakes for the cucumbers, and ran the weed whacker. Three hours straight in the hot sun. Ok, I did take a ten minute break to get a drink of water. I still have to tie the tomatoes to the stakes.

After I was done working outside I took a shower and my DW came home from work. She got out early. We went to Friday’s for lunch. She ate at work so she just had an appetizer. I had the KC Burger. It was pretty good. I texted the two boys at home to tell them where we were for lunch. They were there in ten minutes flat. We all enjoyed our lunch and chatting at the bar.  The service was great, we were the only customers at the bar.

Dinner tonight was steak from COSTCO. I bought a boneless rib roast and cut it into steaks which were cooked on the grill. We had some leftover cheese noodles and a salad as well. DS1 was at the gym while we were eating. He came home and commented on the Coors Lite in the refrigerator. Recently the beer of choice has been something a little nicer (more expensive) than Coors Lite. I told him, well, there are now five people drinking beer in the house, not three. If you want craft beers, you will need to buy them.  My DW will usually have wine, but she certainly could have a beer.

DS3 starts work on Saturday at the Bark and Biscuit. That is not really the name of the business. We just call it that. He works for Lucky’s Bed and Biscuit. A day/overnight pet place. Last year he was in charge of the large dog play group. He really enjoys animals so this may be the perfect summer job for him. DS1 worked today. It sounds like they had an easy day today.  DS2 had the day off. He works again tomorrow.

Tonight’s picture is of DS1 driving the tractor at his job. The caption on Facebook read “Look ma, no hands”. Enjoy!


Day 332, Home again..

It is hot in New Jersey. Like temperature hot. I spent some part of the last five days in Texas and the temperature was in the low 90’s everyday. Today I flew back home and temperature was in the low 90’s.  I thought I was flying home to cooler weather. Not the case. When I got home I turned the air conditioning on. I think I was spoiled living in an air-conditioned house while in Texas. You could go out, enjoy the heat, then go back inside when you were done.  The temperature in the house has dropped 11 degrees in two hours. More importantly, the humidity is nearly half what it was when we started.  Tomorrow is forecast to be hot and sticky as well. The rest of the week looks like 70’s for a day time high. This more like the normal weather this time of year.

I flew from Houston to Detroit to Newark today all on the same plane. Here’s a travel tip, if you are flying on one of those regional airlines with the small jets, stay away from row 11. There are no windows. Row 12 is the wing exit row. I sat in 11 D, the no window, window seat for both legs of the journey.  I got off the plane in Detroit, looked for my flight, and realised that it was the same gate I had just deplaned at. So I sat down, watch some college lacrosse on the laptop waiting to re-board the plane. The picture buffered so bad I gave up trying to watch the game. I turned the game off in the middle of the second period, Maryland was up 3 – 2 over Loyola. The final was Loyola 9 -3. Maryland did not score again for the rest of the game. I hope to watch the game on DVR tomorrow.

The flights were fine. All four planes I rode on this weekend were full. Two of the flights were overbooked and they were looking for people to give up their seats. I don’t know how the airlines aren’t making any money. They have cut capacity and raised fares and fees.  The best of both worlds.  I recently read where one of the major airlines was buying a refinery in Pa near Philadelphia. All they need now is to purchase some oil wells and they will have the entire fuel food chain covered.

It was nice to get home. On the way home I picked up DS3 who spent the night at my SIL’s house.  They were in San Francisco, he needed a bed. He wanted to drive my BIL’s new Camaro. He was told no, and that they know the mileage on the new car. DS3 was unhappy but understanding. Dinner here was pizza. Everybody was home for dinner. It was fun to hear about where the kids have been for the last five days.

Tonight’s picture comes from the weekend wedding. Here is the bride watching the water volleyball game from the second floor deck. Enjoy!


Day 331, Last full day in Texas..

Today was another extended family filled today.  Breakfast was at a restaurant called  La Madeline. In the picture below you will see the  family members that made it to breakfast. Funny how a 8:30 am breakfast can separate the crazy from the sleepy.  After breakfast we did some clean up work from yesterday. There is still some work to do, but my brother’s house has been mostly returned to normal.

At noon time we headed to the groom’s parents house for a bbq and some pool time. They have a very nice home further north, outside of Houston.  They have a few horses and some palm trees next to their pool. The palm trees we near the pool, not the horses.  We had a great lunch and some sun and fun. After our pool party we went back to my brother’s house.

I played two games of bocci and lost both.  Then we went in the pool for some more water volleyball and beer.  Our team won in the darkness.  Dinner was leftover chicken parmigina.  There was wedding cake, ice cream and sandwiches left over from the weekend.  Here we are after dinner, just after 10 pm.  My brother’s children are hounding me to place a dice game called Farkle. I am resisting, but will probably give in for ten minutes than bail. I have to pack and get ready for tomorrow.

Tonight’s pictures are from the last two days. The captions will explain what they are.  Enjoy!


Day 330, Pool Volleyball anyone?..

I got roped (Texas term) into playing water volleyball tonight. The last time I played water volleyball in Texas I tore the roater cuff in my right shoulder. We are a competitive family.  I had no injuries tonight.  I am glad for that.  I only played two games because it got dark and I could not see the ball. Can’t see the ball = ball in the face. No thanks.  The occasion for my family gathering was not water volleyball. Really.  My youngest sister got married this afternoon. There will be many pictures and a few videos from today.

The morning started out slow, coffee and eggs. I offered my five-year old nephew a choice of breakfasts. He choose a chocolate pop tart. His mother came downstairs when he was about half done and was not to happy with his breakfast choice. Ooops. He only got to eat one of the pop tarts. The other brother did not get the same choice of breakfasts. I will make a great grandparent.  Really, I think so. I will drive my children crazy through their children. 

Most of the day was spent getting ready for the big moment.  The house was full of people and chairs were set. The minister did a nice, folksy, Texas wedding.  I enjoyed it. Then all the food that was worked on for the last few days was served. After we ate we visited and played water volleyball. I’m sure there are lots of details that may come out in the next few days.  I’m tired and calling it a night. While it is only 10 pm here in Texas, I am still on East Coast time.

Tonight’s pictures and videos come from the wedding and the party. Enjoy! Videos can be found here and here and here.


Day 329, I don’t want to share..

Not me, I grew up in a family of ten children. Seven boys and three girls. Sharing, you can imagine that we were taught to share.  I spent the first half of my day sitting poolside watching my brother’s two children, ages 5 and 6 play in the pool.  As you know my children are ages 23, 21 and 19. They are quite far removed from the ages of the pool boys.  As things go, there was only one of each item that we found for the kids to play with.  My bother spent some of the morning trying to get the boys to share.  At one point he was sitting on the top of the waterfall having a heart to heart talk with his youngest about sharing. At one point of the discussion the youngest yelled at the top of his voice “I don’t want to share!”  I got a chuckle out of the moment.

This afternoon my sister had her rehearsal at the house. The wedding is being held here in the home.  It was cute to watch the couple work with the minister working out the fine details. After the rehearsal we had a dinner outside. Did I say it is hot in Texas?  Consider it said.  After dinner and dessert we hung out visiting. At one point I was “volunteered” to clean shrimp for tomorrow’s meal. I spent the first 20 years of my post college working life working in the seafood industry.  Cleaning shrimp? I’ve done a few, for sure.

Back in New Jersey,  my DW had a decent day at work. She and DS2 went to the local diner for dinner. DS1 worked all day. As of 9:30 eastern he was not yet home. He is really putting in the hours this week.  DS3, not sure. I do know that Sunday he sings at the graduation for the University of Scranton. Then he comes home for the summer.

Tonight’ s pictures come from various places. The captions will explain them.  There are more pictures to share tomorrow. The upload is pretty slow tonight.  Enjoy!


Day 328, Planning ?

Today was a travel day for me from Newark to Houston. I flew Delta from Newark to Atlanta to Houston.  Welcome to the world of hub flying. Not really, hub flying has been the norm for the last twenty plus years.  This morning the fog in Newark was pretty bad.  My flight was 45 minutes late taking off.  Since I had a 45 minute window between flights in Atlanta, the airline automatically rebooked me. That mean that they took me off the scheduled second flight and put me on a later flight. I guess that is good. I did  not have to do any of the work.

After the plane landed in Atlanta, we had to wait ten minutes for the plane at our gate to move out of the way. Riddle me this Batman, if the flight was 45 minutes late, don’t you think they had time to get the plane out of the way?  Planning? Not!

When we finally got to Atlanta I walked over to my new gate and sat down to charge my phone and wait for my flight. I looked over and saw that the next gate was the original flight that I was scheduled to fly on.  Hmmm. I walked over and asked if I could get on the plane since it obviously was running late. It seems that after they rebooked me, they gave my seat to someone else. The gate agent told me that I could be on standby since the light was fully booked. I said, nah, I will wait. That original flight took off 15 minutes before my second flight. It was 1 hour and 30 minutes late departing.

Guess where my luggage was? Well, in the world off airline efficiency, my bag was on the original flight. It beat me to Houston by an hour. When I got to Houston I found the Delta luggage office. Inside was my bag. The doors were locked.  I looked around and saw nobody from Delta walking around. I called Delta and after finding my way through their phone system I got an operator who called Houston and found someone who was able to get the baggage person on the phone.  The baggage office lady did not look too happy that somebody from corporate called wondering where she was. In the end I got to Houston with my luggage.  Patience was the keyword for the day.

Delta, on the plus side, has an app for my phone which told me about my rescheduled flight and allowed me to track my luggage.  Modern technology.  My brother picked me up from the airport and we made a few stops on the way back to his house. One of the stops was at the Kingwood Farmers Market. We sampled many different things. One vendor had me sample almost all of the things that they sold. we bought a few things from them. We bought some blueberries, some goat cheese, peaches and some bread.  For dinner we went to a restaurant call Sharkey’s. The food was fine. They had 26 oz Dos Equis on tap. I enjoyed that.  It was fun to eat dinner with my brother and his children and watch the family dynamics. We came from the same tree.

Tonight’s pictures are from my travels. The captions will tell the tale.  Enjoy!


Day 327, Vacation starts here..

Tomorrow I fly to Houston for my youngest sister’s wedding. I have not been to Texas in a long time.  The weather forecast (not to jinx the weekend) looks good. 90 for a high, 70 for a low. Instant summer.  We did not get any rain here today so my DW has offered to water the garden while I am away. Yes, I am traveling solo on this adventure.  No rental car, sleep on the couch.  Like the good old days. Maybe not the good old days, but a couch for sure.  I am flying Delta this trip.  It should be an exciting weekend.

Work, work and work.  DS1 walked in the door at 9:30 this evening. He left at 6 am. His employer was on vacation for the last week and returned today. From the sounds of it, it would appear that the employer attempted to pay for his vacation in one day. DS1 is pretty beat.  He had a shower and a snack and probably is off to bed.  I remember days working on the fishing boat or the dock and getting up, working all day, eating sleeping and doing it again. I’m glad that I currently don’t live that life.

Work for me was steady. My morning work ran late so I had a late lunch. Late lunches are good because it seems that you come back from lunch and it’s time to go home. My DW had a steady day as well. DS2 worked a full day. When I came home he was sleeping on the couch in the tv room. I woke him up for dinner. He is working the rest of the week as well. With a good weather forecast, the store he works at will be busy all weekend. Next week things will quiet down until we get closer to July 4 th. But, if the weather remains nice in June, the store can be busy straight through. Where he works on LBI.  30,000 people in the off-season, 150,000 during the vacation season. People and cars.

DS3 is enjoying Senior Week at the U. Today they (not sure who they are other than DS3) are at a “lake house” enjoying some fun time. At the bottom is a picture of him and a friend in the lake.  I bet the water was cold.  It looks like he is having fun.  Once again I was the last man standing this morning. I pushed the button and “Roomie”, our Roomba, went to work cleaning the floors. His picture is at the bottom as well.

Good night from New Jersey. See you in Texas.


Day 326, Kindle edition..

Tonight’s blot was written on DW’s Kindle Fire.  I wanted to see how practical the concept would be.  Today is Tuesday,  May 22, 2012. I was the last one to leave for work this morning. DS1 left first around 6:30. Next was DS2 who works in
the deli at the Acme on LBI. He left around 7 am. My DW left for work at 7:15 while I was in the shower. I got out of the shower and the house was empty.  Wow!

Dinner tonight was meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Both were quite good.  DS1 is somewhere as I write this. He texted to say that he would not be home for dinner.  That is nice that he checked in with us.  Late edit: seems he worked late and then went to a diner for dinner.  My DW had a friend, her daughter, and granddaughter over for tea and a visit.  DS2 was playing his ukulele for the little girl.  I got out his electric piano so she could play along with him.  It was fun to watch.

It rained off and on today.  I went out this evening to feed the plants. With some more rain forecasted for tomorrow,  the plant food will soak in good.  Work?  Work was ok. I was busy helping out in general support today. My job is on hold until after the Memorial Day holiday. Tomorrow is my last work day of the week. Thursday I fly to Houston for my youngest sister’s wedding on Saturday.  My DW had a busy day once again today.  DS2 nipped his thumb on the slicer. He will be wearing a band-aid for a few days.

Tonight’s picture comes from August 2012. In this picture DS3 is saying good-bye after moving into school. Now he has survived his first year of college. He will be home on Monday. Enjoy!


PS. Writing on the Kindle took some practice. I had problems getting the picture in (I added via my laptop). There were some editing issues that I would need to figure out. In a pinch, I can blog from her Kindle Fire.  Good night 


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