Day 306, has anyone seen my marbles..

I’m suffering from a little burn out today.  We spent the last two (three-day) weekends away. There are a ton of things that need to get done that usually happen on the weekend. One the plus side DS1 cut the grass today. Now my neighbors will have no reason to call the town (just kidding). I have good, tolerant neighbors. It may help that they benefit from the extras that grow in the garden each summer.

Tonight I played lacrosse again. I forgot my gloves at home and had to borrow a pair from another, better prepared, player. Yikes!  I had one shot that missed. I actually shot the ball lefty. The shot was on the goal but the goalie stopped it. I missed a few passes, but caught most of the balls thrown at me. At some point during the night I got whacked on the muscle just above my right knee. That will probably be black and blue in a few days. I hope to convince DS1 to throw around with me after work one or two of the nights this week.

Work was kinda busy. Tomorrow is the first of the month so all the end of the month projects need to be completed. My DW was busy. They worked a full day. DS1 had class today. Tomorrow he is back to the tree farm. DS2 starts finals tomorrow. DS3, not much contact.

Short and sweet. The picture of the day is from December 2006 when we all gathered at my brother the weatherman’s house before Christmas. Enjoy!