Day 305, not always black and white..

We spent the weekend driving down Washington and up Adams.  By the end of the weekend even my 80-year-old mother in law knew where we were. We have covered this in the past, so just a quick refresher is in order. Marywood University (DS2) is located on Adams Ave in Scranton. The University of Scranton is located on Mulberry Street in Scranton. The roads that connect are Adams and Washington. Up one and down the other.

Friday night DS2 had a choir performance with the NEPA Philharmonic at the Scranton Cultural Center.  Saturday night DS3 had a choir concert at the Houlihan Center at the University of Scranton. DS2 also had an orchestra concert at Marywood Saturday night. We stayed in two different hotels in Clarks Summit. It was a crazy weekend. And to add to the interesting factor, my DW’s mother came to Scranton with us for the first time.  She is 80 or so years old and was a real trooper keeping up with us all weekend. I bet she is already in bed and sleeps late on Monday.

After Friday’s concert at the Cultural Center we (DW, DS2, DS3, MIL and I) went to Coopers for dessert. You can not visit Scranton once in your life and not visit Coopers. I have written in the past about the Scranton memorabilia on the walls. I can’t imagine that there is a museum in Scranton with a collection like theirs.  Everybody had a snack, DS2 said hello to some teachers from Marywood that he knew and we celebrated DS2’s concert. They also stock my favorite rum.

Saturday morning we went to Maywood for the concert dress rehearsal since we would not be able to go to the concert that night. After the rehearsal we took DS2 down to Coney Island Hot Lunch for texas wieners. DS3 was doing volunteer work for ROTC and was not available at lunch time.  After lunch we took DS2 back to school. He had some school work to do for Monday. It was nap time for the old people (me). After our naps we went back downtown to meet up with DS3 who had also been taking a nap. I guess Saturday afternoon was a good nap day.

DS3 took us (DW, MIL and me) on a tour of the campus. We had seem most of the buildings. This was my MIL’s first time seeing the school. We walked to his dorm, the gym and the new Science Center. My DW and I had never been in this brand new (Science Center) building. It was pretty impressive. I can say that they have not yet fully moved in.  It is nice to see that the university is investing money back into the school. After our tour we ate dinner at his cafeteria with DS3’s roommate and some of his friends.

The band/choir concert was excellent Saturday night. After the concert we went back to Marywood and collected DS2 and went back downtown to Farley’s Steakhouse for dessert. The food was good.  The bar was limited. It was a full bar, they did not have my favorite rum. Coopers does.. After our snack we dropped DS3 off and went back across town to drop off DS2.  We returned to our hotel where I fought with WordPress until I gave up around midnight and left the pictures sideways. 

Sunday morning we had a light breakfast in the hotel. Then we went to Marywood for mass. We chatted with Father Brian for a few minutes and then attended mass where DS2 played his trumpet. After mass we drove downtown (again) and picked up DS3 and his friend (not my girlfriend) and back across town to the Bucktown Diner in Dunmore for brunch. After brunch we left DS2 at his school. Dropped off DS3 and his (not my girlfriend) off at the U.

We headed home. No issues at all. It was a surprisingly easy trip home. I’m sure some day I will pay for those words.  Dinner tonight was steak on the grill. We also made a “Chopped” potato salad. This is where you get a group of ingredients and you have to use them all in part of a meal Tonight’s challenge included crabmeat, potatoes, shrimp, old bay, chives, parsley and mayonnaise. All the ingredients for a crabmeat potato salad. It was excellent. And the judge (DW) did not “Chop” me.

Tonight’s pictures are from this weekend. The captions will tell the tale. Some are black and white. Some are color. Must have been an “artsy” weekend for the photographer.  Enjoy!


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