Day 304, Another late night in Clarks Summit..

Another Saturday night (song lyrics) here in Clark Summit. We had another day of being here and being there to spend some times with our children. My DW’s mother will sleep for a week when she gets home. She has been a real trooper keeping up with us. Tonight we are going to be all pictures, all the time. The captions will tell the tale.

I apologise for the pictures that are not rotated correctly.  I tried a dozen times to spin the pictures but for some reason I can not edit the pictures tonight. I guess you will have to turn your head (low tech method tonight).



Day 303, somebody rolled up the sidewalks..

Grandma, DS2 and DW in Scranton

It is after midnight here in Clarks Summit, PA. We are up in the Scranton area this weekend to see DS2 and DS3 in their spring concerts. Traveling with us in my DW’s mother. I think we had her out way past her bedtime tonight. I will post later on today (Saturday) more stories and pictures from today. 

Good night,