Day 302, Good money after bad?..

Over the last six months or more my old mini van (240,000) miles has gotten louder as I drove it down the highway. The problem is that the wheel bearings in the rear go bad and they just get louder as time and miles go on. The obvious answer would be to replace the bearings. Give the mileage on my van, three kids in college, I am not predisposed to spend any more money than absolutely necessary on it. Tuesday was necessary. I downloaded a decibel meter app for my phone. How accurate is it? Probably close, not admissible in court I would guess.

Two weeks ago at 70 miles an hour the decibel meter read 85 decibels in my van. Windows up, radio on. Loud, almost too loud. Monday that same test came in at 97 decibels. I decided that I needed to either fix the vehicle or replace it. Tuesday I wore headphones to block the noise. I went shopping online during work (shh, don’t tell) and found a 2000 Chevy Venture with 104,000 miles on it for sale in the next town over from where I work. It was an E Bay auction that probably would finish around 2000.00.  I contacted the seller and arranged a test drive at lunch time.

I test drove the car. Looked at it and what it would need and decided that I would fix my van.  I know where the van has been for the last 7 years and what it’s current issues are. I left the car at the shop Tuesday night for a Wednesday repair appointment. Wednesday the mechanic called in the morning to say that the car needed one rear bearing. Ok, I thought, that is better than both. And, it needs a brake cylinder as well. Oh, ok. Still the total was less than my planned expense. I said, and by the way, do an oil change, it needs it.

Later in the day the mechanic calls and says those words you don’t want to hear, “Lime Guy, we are having a problem with your vehicle.” The long and the short of it was that when they went to remove the oil drain plug the entire plug assembly came apart. Add another 300 dollars for an oil pan and labor.  Now we were over budget about 50 %.  It’s like fixing plumbing in an old house. Once you touch something you wind up replacing everything. Good money after bad? I hope not. 

I can say the van is quieter now. The decibel meter reads around 72 decibels at 70 miles an hour. I can hear the radio, talk on the phone (hands free of course), and my ears don’t ring when I get out of the car.  We are going mobile for the weekend. DS2 has a concert Friday night. DS3 has a concert Saturday night. I found out about Saturday’s concert yesterday evening. It appears that DS2 has a concert Saturday night as well. So far we have not yet mastered the being in two places at one time act.  

Tonight’s picture is from DS2. He had a rehearsal at the Scranton Cultural Center ( an oxymoron? lol). This is his view from the stage. Enjoy!