Day 301, Now what do I do?..

Tonight’s blog will cover Sunday’s trip from Charlottesville, VA to New Jersey.  Or at least that is the plan. This blog writing sometimes takes on a life of its own.  A little bit of Wednesday current events first. Today DS1 worked his second day at his new job at the tree farm/nursery.  The high point of the day was learning to drive a stick shift. His learning vehicle? Why a tractor, of course. It is a farm. He seems very happy so far with the job. We (his parents) wish it were closer to our house. But he is working, and that is a good thing. He is off tomorrow to take his college class. Monday he has an interview with a company that expressed interest in him back in January. The put his resume away while he finished up his degree.

Sunday morning the day started out rainy and wet. The forecast on the tv the night before showed a huge storm all the way from the Carolinas to Boston. There was no way the storm would pass the area of the game before Monday morning. We decided to skip the Sunday (championship game) and head home around noon time. The roosters were quiet I guess due to the rain. The horses, were out in the rain. The goat was still inside. I cooked breakfast again and we cleaned up and left the farm heading north and east.

The drive back to 95 took about an hour. When we finally got to 95 we looked down at the highway as we approached the on ramp and saw the traffic stopped, all three lanes as far as the eye can see.  We skipped the on ramp and pulled into a local business to work the GPS into finding another way home. We went east a few more lights and got on US 1 headed toward Washington, DC. Talk about a traffic light every half mile and people everywhere. Not exactly what I was looking for with 240 more miles to go. After about 15 minutes on US 1 we were sitting at a long traffic light. I checked the maps app on my phone and the traffic layer showed that the problem on 95 was south of where we were. We cut back across to 95 and joining the northbound traffic.

The drive itself was not awful. Visibility was bad, but we saw no accidents the entire time we were on the highway. We stopped in Philadelphia to return the rental car and then went over the bridge into New Jersey and drove the last 60 miles home. Why a rental car? Our family van gets 18 miles to the gallon. The rental car got 28 miles to the gallon. With all the miles that we drove and the fuel cost saving of the rental, the rental was almost paid for by the increased fuel economy. And my van has 150,000 miles, the rental car had 16,000.

During the ride home, as I wrote about the other day, we plugged the laptop into my phone and watched the second half of the championship game. Tonight I watched the entire game on tv. We saved the game on the DVR.  Another funny story about the ride home is when we entered Pennsylvania we needed to fill the tank so we could return the rental car. I got off at an exit that showed several gas stations near the ramp. The first gas station was closed on Sunday. The second station did not take any credit cards.  At the third station the first pump  I tried did not work. The second one worked like a charm. In this area south of Philadelphia and north of the Delaware state line, people like me driving around are few and far between. Just the facts..

When we got back into town we were too tired to cook so we went and had Happy Hour food at one of the local bars. We met up with the parents of one of the high school lacrosse players that my youngest played with last year. Their son has two more years to play in high school. It was interesting to catch up on some of the stories from this year. I miss being involved with the team, but my children have graduated and it is somebody else’s turn.

 So the title tonight, what gives? We did not see any references.  When I was 23 years old my father died of a heart attack. He was 5o years old. When I talked with some of the people he spent his last day with, one of them told me how they had talked about his family, his children and his life. It was like he was reliving his life (flashing before his eyes?) as it were.  In honor of that story and maybe to try to understand that experience, I decided back in June to write about being 50. Add a few stories from the past and record this year’s events as I saw them.  I have now outlived my father by about a day or two. So, what do I do now? I asked my DW that at dinner tonight. The kinda funny joke to that is when DS1 finished his last college lacrosse game, he looked at both of us and asked the same question.  I told him at the time that we had never done this before, but whatever we did we would do together.



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