Day 300, Another Saturday night..

My intention last night was to write-up the second half of Saturday after playing lacrosse last night. When I got home I had my “medicinal” double of Bacardi 8 and was just to tired to write.  Lacrosse went well. I had a fair night. Nothing too spectacular, nothing too bad. When I missed a pass and the ball went over to the other team I forced myself to run up to the midfield line and wait for the ball to come back over to our side of the field.  I don’t need a coach screaming at me, I can do this all by myself.

When we last left off we had just left the oyster festival as the thunderstorm rolled in. On the road to the festival there are three brew pubs and five vineyards. That sounds like my kind of road. As you make the turn onto this road there is a sign warning of increased enforcement over the next 14 miles. In 14 miles you get to the third brew pub where the festival was.  As we traveled back down the road we decided to stop at the next brew pub we encountered. The brew pub is called Wild Wolf Brewing Company. Their website is here.

We ate inside since it was..raining. It was too early for dinner so we had dessert. We ordered two flights of samples. This covered all the current offerings. We also ordered two orders of fried Oreos with vanilla ice cream. If you have never had fried Oreos, make a point of ordering them the next (or first) time you see them on a menu. They were excellent. The best beer to have with the fried Oreos was called Strawberry Schwarzcake. This description comes from their website ” 5% ABV  20 IBU   This Fruit Schwarzbier is dark brown in color.   The clean lager characteristics and the berry finish make it a very refreshing and interesting beer.”  It was perfect with dessert.

The food was good, the beer was good. The waiter was good. An excellent experience. I would go there again. After we left the brew pub we drove back to the farm. As we got further north and east we actually got ahead of the storm. We were in the house about five minutes when the skies opened up. I took a beer out on the front porch to watch the storm and the animals. The pasture in front of still had the same four horses and one goat from the morning. The goat was in the shed, out of the rain. The horses were just standing in the rain and eating. No big deal  Does that make the goat smarter than the horses?

We went to dinner in downtown Louisa. Downtown as you can guess is a grand way of saying “where the speed limit drops and tickets are handed out”. Small town Saturday night, rainy Saturday night. We found the Obrigado Restaurant by searching on the web. Their website is here. The food was good, real good. Funky, like you might find in Hoboken or Red Bank. Pretty trendy for the middle of nowhere. We enjoyed a good meal and partied down for dessert. I guess Saturday was a dessert day.  We had Creme Brule, Fresh made (local dairy) Banana Ice Cream, coffee, tea, and a Jameson on the rocks. Wow! I had three spoons for dessert.

While I was in the bathroom I saw a sign on the wall advertising a fundraising concert for the Louisa Earthquake Relief Fund.  I said to myself, earthquake relief fund in rural Virginia? When I got back to the table I told my DW about the flier on the wall. When the waitress came to the table she asked about the fundraiser. Do you remember the earthquake we had on the east coast in August? I do, that was the day DS2 had his first eye surgery. They remember because the epicenter of the earthquake was in Mineral, Va.  Mineral, Va is 6 miles from where we had dinner Saturday night. Several of the local schools have been condemned due to damage from the earthquake.  Talk about things in my life going full circle.

The ride home to the farm was dark.  No street lights, wet roads, a couple of drinks. I was fine. I was very happy to make the turn into the driveway and park the car. We sat up for about 45 minutes watching some tv and then called it a night. So ends Saturday in Louisa, Va.

Tomorrow I will wrap up Sanday and hopefully get caught up on the week. On a personal note, Happy Birthday to DS3. He turned 19 today!  See you Friday, dude.

Here are two pictures from the brew pub. Enjoy!


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