Day 298, Virginia trip part II..

Yesterday we left off with me doing some stupid things before heading out. And my DS1 deciding to lock up the house when he won’t turn of the lights when he leaves a room.  All is well that ends well.  What that means is that we got down to the house in Louisa, Va early enough to check out the house and use the bathroom before continuing onto to Charlottesville for the two lacrosse games. At the farm we met Amanda. She appears to be the “manager” of the farm. She may have been 20 years old, at best. We also met a 10 ish year old male child who did not introduce himself to us. I don’t know his name. Other than these two, we only saw horse, dogs, goats and chickens.

Having done a few wine tastings over the weekend, we learned about descriptions that may or may not be applicable. A description of the farm might include words like “earthy tones, and fragrant bouquet” The truth is that the horse and the goats do their business wherever they want. We were ok since the temperatures were not to warm and the breeze seemed to blow in the right direction.

There will be lots of pictures of the house and farm at the bottom today.  The house looked like it was the farm owners house. The front porch looked out onto one of the pastures where the horses were kept. The walls were made of logs. It was a log house. Like lincoln logs, just real and better constructed. The house consisted of two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The master bedroom was huge with a huge bed and a on-suite bathroom. The other bedroom was set up as an office with a pullout coach providing a second bed.

The entrance from the back porch puts you into a mud room. From there you proceeded into the house. The mud room contained a shower stall, a toilet, washer and dryer and a slop sink. All things you might need access to without actually entering the main part of the house. The kitchen had a stainless stove, and dishwasher. The counters were marble. The whole decor worked the country, modern theme. I guess.

There was a breakfast bar and a formal dining room table. The kitchen was open to the living room. The pictures down below will better illustrate the layout and look of the home. One quirk that we encountered when we got there was the alarm would beep every minute or so. I thought maybe this was because we were moving around and once we got settled in one place, like sleeping, that the noise would stop. The instructions from the landlord were quite clear about not using the alarm.  We left the house going to the game in the afternoon hoping that the beeping would resolve itself by the time we returned home..

You know it did not resolve itself. But, it did not get any worse! I called the landlord at 11 pm to ask for guidance since I was sure my DW would not be able to sleep through that noise. He did not answer. I figured Amanda, across the farm, probably had less experience with alarms than I did. I opened the front panel and tried to reason my way through the problem. I was tired, not my best reasoning time. I pushed a button to term the chimes off. This turned them on. Opps, wrong way. The beeps every minute continued.

I pushed a button marked Silent. That was what I was after, this turned the alarm to silent, the beeps continued. I hit the Status button, the alarm panel displayed a status of Phone Failure and the beeping stopped.. That God!  I figured we would be out at 1 am looking for a hotel or sleeping in the car.

The pictures below are of the house and the grounds. Enjoy!


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