Day 298 Catch up time..

Sunday night here in New Jersey. It has rained all day. Probably the first measurable rain in two or more weeks. It would just happen to be the day of the ACC Men’s Lacrosse Championship in Charlottesville, Va. We stayed on a farm about 25 minutes from the stadium for the weekend. We skipped todays final game as it is has been raining since dinner time Saturday night in Virgina.  We were not sure if the they would even play today with the weather being so bad. My other concern was the four hours that I would have to spend driving on 95 north in the rain, in the dark. We decided to skip the game and drive home in the rain, in the daylight.

Through the magic of science we were able to “watch” the second half of the game during the drive home. If I had though of it, we could have watched the entire game. When I was in Florida in January I used a charging cable and an app to provide internet from my cellphone to my laptop for two weeks. We used the same programs today to watch the second half of the championship game. I did not watch the game on the laptop, I was driving. My DW watched the game. I listened to the play by-play which we played on the speakers in the rental car. Not quite like being there, but drier than being there for sure.

Writing about today is getting ahead of myself. I “wimped out” for the last two days because I was tired and the internet connect was lousy. Yes, in hindsight, I should have used the wire and my phone like Florida.  So sit back and we will re-visit Friday..

Friday morning in New Jersey was bright and clear. We had packed the night before so we just had to load the car and go. I was ready to leave and I could not find my car keys. Hmm, auspicious start. I found my keys in my van where I had left them Thursday afternoon after going to the lacrosse field with DS1. I had failed to completely turn my car off so it was…dead. Yep, battery was dead. Is this like strike two or what?

I moved my DW’s van in place and got the jumper cables out of my car. I hooked the cables up to my dead car. Then I went to hook the cables up to her car. I placed the hot (red) from my car on the ground (black) of her car. As I went to attach the other clamp, the clamp sparked and I looked at what I was doing. I reversed the clamps and my car started up. I dodged that bullet. I have probably jumped 50 cars in my lifetime and never made that mistake. Dammit, I must be getting old.

I left the car running after waking DS1 up and asking him to shut it off in an hour and leave the key in the house. He shut the car off on his way to work and seeing another key of the key chain figured that it was the house key. He decided to lock the house. Whatever possessed him to do that?  He does not flush consistently or turn off the lights when he leaves the room. As you can guess, that was not a door key. At some point Friday evening after work he slid up a screen and climbed into the house. Yikes! All this excitement and we have not even gotten to Virginia yet.

That ends tonight’s part of the saga. These pictures are of the therapy dogs which visited the campus of Marywood University on Friday. Thank you DS2 for the pictures. Enjoy!







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