Day 295, People are funny..

I mean, we don’t usually see ourselves as funny. That is probably because we are too busy doing whatever is funny. That is a kind of convoluted sentence. Maybe the expression “can’t see the forest from the trees” applies here.  Yesterday I am driving home from work in my min van with 240,000 miles. Once you get south of Toms River on the GSP, the speed limit goes back up to 65 mph. At that  point I set the cruise control at 71 mph and given the choice, I will sit in the middle lane and drive the final 20 miles home in peace.

So you get the picture, me, in the middle lane minding my own business. Cars pass on the left, some pass on the right, whatever. As I am driving along I overtake a car in the right lane.  I look over and there is a 20 something women texting away on her phone, oblivious to the road. Thankfully she is in the right lane. Then a mile or so later she passes me on the right, her texting completed. Then I pass her again as she resumes her text conversation. While this is going on we both overtake another car in the right lane. Can you guess what that person was doing? If you guessed texting, you would be correct.

Thankfully the first texter was done and she was able to navigate around the second texter.  On we go. Me shaking my head, them oblivious. After we pass exit 69 the first texter starts weaving from the right lane down onto the rumble strip and back to the right lane.  Maybe she should just stop the car and finish the conversation. The second texter is nowhere to be seen.  Then we pay the toll in Barnegat and she does not have EZ Pass or she does not know she is in the toll plaza. Whatever. I left her behind at that point.

I try to not text and drive. It is one of those examples that I try to set for my children.  Maybe one day the GSP will have a separate lane for people that are texting. Off to one side, bumpers on the walls. When Google finally perfects the automatic driving car, these people will be all set. 

I worked from home today. I went to the lacrosse fields with DS1 to try out the job I did re-stringing the head on my lacrosse stick. I am happy with it for the most part. I still need to throw it some more. My DW worked a full day. She enjoys when I am working from home since I cook dinner. DS1 had class, gym, lacrosse with his dad and work delivering pizzas. He starts the new job on Tuesday. DS2 had some chicken in the dining hall today that did not agree with him. The moose tracks ice cream that he  ate did agree with him. DS3, wrote on Facebook about doing homework with his shirt off. I guess the heat is still on in the dorms (and the weather has been nice).

Tonight’s picture is July 2008.  We were out to dinner for DS1’s birthday.  The captions will tell the tale. Enjoy!