Day 294, Neither of them..

There are days when coming up with the title of the blog is almost impossible. I have written before about this. Some nights I will start with the Day xxx part of the title, then come back at the end, reflect on the entry and come up with a title. Then there are nights like tonight when during a conversation the lightbulb goes on and you say (often out loud) “That will be the title of tonight’s blog”.  You better hope that you are not the subject of that conversation!

Writing for me is all about getting into that creative zone.  Maybe the “chair” is my creative muse, maybe not. I also could blame/attribute  some of my writing success on a nice glass of sipping rum. Success in this instance is not measured in money but in following through with a set goal. Tonight’s blog was written on Day 294, but when you count all the blogs I have written, this is blog 300. If your goal is to write, then this would be a success.

Back to the title. Tonight my DW was taking the second part of her ACLS course. This left me as a bachelor for a second night in a row. I texted my oldest to see what he was doing tonight. He worked during the day delivering pizzas and was headed to the gym. I waited until he was done with the gym and showered. Then we went to his local bar for dinner.  One of the funnier moments was when a bartender that we had known since DS1 was a small child realised that DS1 was my son. DS1 has been a regular to some extent since returning from college. The bartender got a kick out making the connection between us.

After we finished dinner my DW called to say that class was over. I told her where we were and she came down for a bite and a drink. While we were talking, DS1 said something about his brothers and drinking. DS2 will be 21 in May. DS3 will be 19 in April. Neither of them need drinking advice from DS1. See the title.. Neither of them. I think I said that phrase four times in the hope them it would sink in.  Children.  It was nice to go out for a beer and a bite with my oldest. Often times we are in an antagonistic relationship since I am a parent and he is trying to grow up. If your children are small, your turn will come.

Yesterday I spent part of my bachelor evening re-stringing the head of my lacrosse stick. I have been unhappy with the stringing for about four months and last night was a perfect time to fix it. I removed the old mesh and re-strung the head with brand new mesh and strings. This is a frustrating process for me since I am self-taught. Stringing lacrosse sticks is treated like a voodoo religion. It can’t be rocket science.  Everyone that strings heads does them a little bit different. Talk about variety.  I finally finished stringing the head in time to go to bed. 

Today I took the stick to work with me with the intention of playing some wall ball to see how the stick threw and make any necessary adjustments. At lunch time I went outside and found the rain starting to fall. Not hard rain, more of an intermittent rain. I went down to the park anyway to practice. I was happy to the most part with the outcome. I will need to play catch with a real person to better judge the job I did.

Tonight’s picture is of my lacrosse stick on the passenger seat wearing the seatbelt. I was just being silly, really..


Man has to protect his equipment