Day 293, Having that travelin’ jones..

In this context, the travelin’ jones is the deep-rooted desire to travel. See Lynard Skynard’s – “You got that right”.  The travelin’ jones is taking us to Charlotteville, VA for the weekend.  As you have probably figured out, we are lacrosse fans. Two of our children played in hight school and one played in college. I play once a week with an over (any age, just show up) league on most Monday nights. I also have the opportunity to play in two national tournaments a year.  The time I spend on the lacrosse field is time where the entire world stands still. No problems, no phone calls, no texts, nothing. Just me, my equipment and 100 yards of grass or turf.

As fans of the game we watch college lacrosse on tv either live or via the DVR most weekends in the spring.  The ACC conference is having their tournament this weekend in Charlottesville, Va on the grounds of the University of Virgina. We are going down Friday to watch the semi finals. On Sunday afternoon is the championship. The teams in the tournament are among the best in college lacrosse. The games should be as good or better than the national championship on Memorial Day. How is that for some hype?

We are staying in a two bedroom/two bath log cabin about 25 minutes from the field. The home we are renting for the weekend costs about as much as a hotel room with more space. It is situated on the grounds of a horse farm. That should be interesting as long as the wind blows in the right direction..  We are looking forward to a few days away before the kids come home from school.  Looking on the internet there are lots, and I mean LOTS, of things going on in the greater Charlottesville area this weekend. It must be a band weekend because I saw information about four or five college/municipal bands performing this weekend. Add to that the winery tours, brew pub tours, walking tours… Quite the list. Here is a link to the website.

My DW worked a full day. She came home, had a quick dinner and then went back to work for five hours of ACLS training. She has three more hours tomorrow night. I was a bachelor for dinner since she was working and DS1 was working. He delivered a calzone to the house for dinner. He also went fishing on the beach today. His catch is in a picture below. DS2 is now officially a Psychology major. The paperwork went through today. DS3 gave blood at school. They also had pet therapy day at his school. This is where they bring dogs and some cats and let the students visit with the animals. It sis supposed to help the students that miss the family pet.

Tonight’s pictures are varied. The captions will tell the tale. Enjoy!