Day 292, just a glass of water..

Blog time, post Monday night lacrosse is usually a double of the current rum de’ jour and occasionally a small snack. Tonight? Just water, no rum and no snack. The temperatures here on the East Coast went through the roof (as it were) today. We hit the mid 80’s. My brother reported that the official high for the day in Central Park was 88 degrees. Not even close to the record which is 92 degrees set in 2002. Go figure.

We were short-handed tonight playing lacrosse. Usually we play three attack, three midfielders, three defense and a goalies. Today we played two  attack,  two defense and three midfielders. Somewhere (not in Robbinsville) were all the guys from last week. It was pretty hot in the field house.  I played the entire hour on attack. The line score from me… One goal, no assists, three shots that missed the goal and more passes caught than dropped. And I hit the turf twice, ouch. My feet like to get tangled when I change direction and am running at my full speed.  All in all, a good night.

My DW had a frustrating day. Her patients were fine, one of her co-workers knows how to push her buttons. And she did today. Why can’t we all get along?  She went to yoga tonight to “re-center” herself. She was sleeping when I got home. My work was busy, emails, texts and phone calls right at 8:30 when the “doors open”. We have doors, but they don’t open in the sense that people actually come to the office with their problems.  The afternoon was fine.

Children, DS1 had class and delivered pizzas. DS2 tweeted about the lovely weather in Scranton today. DS3, had PT and various classes. I did not hear from him at all. I will track him down tomorrow or Wednesday to see what is up with him.

Tonight’s picture is  from Sunday’s Funny Paper. This was the Mother Goose and Grimm from 4/15/2012. Enjoy!



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