Day 291, A beginner class..

This morning my DW and I went to a new yoga class that was billed as a beginner/gentle yoga class. I left sweating up a storm. It may have been that the teacher had the thermostat set at 79 degrees. Or it might have been the different yoga posses we did. I am a yoga beginner at heart masquerading as an intermediate yoga person.  I have been doing yoga off and on for two years. Some of the stuff we did today I have never done. I play lacrosse on Monday nights which conflicts with the Monday night yoga at the health club.  My wife goes most weeks. She goes to yoga, I go to lacrosse. We both come home after exercising and sleep good.

After yoga we went food shopping for the week. Note to self, don’t go grocery shopping when you are hungry. After grocery shopping we came home, put the groceries away and had lunch. After lunch we went to Home Depot (did you buy that stock yet?) and bought some more dirt, 8 cucumber plants, some fertilizer for the blueberry plants, and some other odds and ends. Then we went to Lowes looking for the plants we did not find in Home Depot. The selection was about the same, maybe a little less. We made a few more small stops and headed back home.

I missed my youngest today. I had to hump the ten forty pound bags of dirt by myself from the street to the back year. I dumped the dirt out and will plant watermelons, pumpkins and cantaloupes in that dirt when they become available at Home Depot. Despite the temperature getting up into the 80’s, it is still too soon to plant various plants here in NJ. It will get cold at night between now and May 15.

Children: DS1 is taking the job at the tree farm/nursery. DS2, just a few random tweets. DS3, some random Facebook stuff.  All around a quiet weekend for the Scranton boys. DS1 at dinner with us tonight. We seem to get graced once a quarter with an opportunity to eat, drink and discuss life with him. It certainly is helpful for us old people to understand what is going on in his life.

Tonight’s picture is a gag photo that I sen to the Scranton boys. We have an indoor/outdoor thermometer her in NJ. The outside temperature probe some how has moved to the side of the house that the afternoon sun beat on. I saw the temperature and could not resist send it to them. Enjoy!


In the sun