Dy 290, Not your average Saturday..

My youngest was home a few weeks ago and the topic of this blog came up. I asked him if he read the blog. His answer was only when he was away at school. When he was home, he lived the blog. I thought that was a good answer. I know that DS2 read the blog fairly regularly. I know that there are not enough pictures for DS1 to be a regular reader. And if you happen to read this DS1, you were insulted. LOL.

The weather today was warm, not quite as warm as the forecast for the next few days. After breakfast and some chores (her= housekeeping, me= computer upkeep), we headed off to Brick to see my work friend that fell six weeks ago and broke her nose, wrist and elbow. The broken wrist and elbow are on different arms. She was looking better. Two weeks ago she had casts on both sides. Today she just had an a wrist brace on the one side. Her doctor still has told her that she can not drive. She needed to get out.

We picked her up and then went over to pick up my DW’s mom and step dad. They needed to get out as well. We went to the Wind Mill for hot dogs, hamburgers, fries and soda (pop out west). My friend and my in-laws live about 5 minutes apart in the same town. After we had our dogs and such we went back to my mother in laws house for coffee and desert. I saw the cookies on the table and asked if they were left over from Easter. I mean, I saw them on the table last weekend. I was hushed and encouraged to have one (or more). They were good. I skipped them last week since I was full and the apple pie I ate was just what I was looking for.

After we left my mil we took my friend home to her house. She live alone with just one  cat. We told her that she needs about a dozen more to be the cat lady. She laughed and did not kick us out of the house. We (my co-worker/friend) and I have a decent relationship. She and another coworker went to St. Thomas with my wife and I back in 2008. We had a great time. Neither of them had been to St. Thomas and my DW and I had been there several times. We got to play tour guide, It was a really fun week.

After we got home for our lunch date and a trip to COSTCO we watched some of the college lacrosse that we taped on the DVR. Dinner was veal chops and fresh crabmeat. The COSTCO of all places had fresh jumbo lump from North Carolina. The crab meat was picked four days ago. That is pretty impressive for COSTCO (or any retailer). The bottom of the container had a Julian date of 100. Today is 104. The Julian date is the number of the date. If there are 365 days in a year, a Julian date would be any where from 1 to 365. I checked the Julian date on the container, then I brought up a Julian date calendar (on my phone) to see when date 100 was. Having spent 20 years in the seafood industry I am cautious. We bought the crabmeat and ate about half of the container. Straight, not cooked, just dumped on a plate. It was good.

Tonight’s pictures are a mix of things from today. The captions should help. Enjoy!


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